Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little Lady Update - 4 months!

I know I write this all the time, but how the heck did my little get to be four months old?!?!

I mean, really!  It seems like just days ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital, and now she isn't even a newborn any more!

Dear Time,

You move too fast.

Love, The Naptown Organizer.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled business, here's what my sweet little baby has been doing recently:

- Sucking her thumb!  

Little Lady has definitely become a thumb sucker, just like her older brother.  At this time, she has begun to refuse a pacifier completely, although (thankfully!)  she will still take a bottle for DH while I'm at work.  At some times, Little Lady will suck on her whole hand, either left or right.  But when she is actually sucking her thumb, she only prefers the left hand.  I was laughing a little bit inside the other day as we trekked through a busy grocery store with two somewhat tired babes each sucking on their thumb yesterday.  Guess all those pacifiers we bought the first time around were really a waste of money for our family!

- Sleeping, like whoa.

Little Lady has also followed her brother's lead and continues to be an excellent night time sleeper.  She will typically go to sleep between 6 and 8 p.m. at this point.  Most nights at this point, she sleeps until about 4 or 5 a.m. for a feeding but will go back to sleep after for a few more hours.  Holy flipping cupcakes that is amazing.  Naps, however?  That's a different story.  Little Lady will nap a few times a day when in the optimum environment.  When it is just me, Little Man, and Little Lady at home, she will nap pretty well for me.  (Pretty well for a four month old being several short naps, maybe 45 minutes to an hour each.)  But when there is any commotion going on or DH is home with the kids on the weekends while I work, naps are anyone's guess.  If you guessed few and far between, you've won!  Lol.

- Happy smiles, giggles, & belly laughs

One of the only pouty faces I've been able to catch!
Little Lady is such a sweet, calm baby.  She rarely fusses or cries, and when she does it's only because she really means business.  Most of the time, Little Lady is a huge ball of cute.  Whenever you catch her eye, she will immediately light up with a huge, full-faced, squishy-cheeked grin.  Little Lady also loves it when DH or I tickle her neck, which will result in belly laughs and high pitched squeals all around.  She is such a happy baby, and I am seriously thanking my luck every day for her wonderful temperament.

Feel free to ignore my goofy grin that her laughter caused! :)
- Being worn

I've commented on this before, but during the infrequent times when Little Lady is fussy, one of the only things that will calm her (other than nursing) is being worn.  No matter which carrier I've chosen to use at the time, Little Lady just snuggles right on up to my chest and cuddles in for a nap.  On nights that she has decided she isn't quite ready for bed at bedtime, our baby carriers and slings have become my number one go-to guy.

- Rolling, reaching, & playing

Most recently, Little Lady has decided that she doesn't want to be a little babe any more, and she's been stepping up her game developmentally.  Little lady has found a new love of toys, and will hold a toy I give to her.  She will also at times transfer it back and forth between her hands, although I'm not sure how much of that is purposeful just yet.  Also currently, she has been rolling from belly to back and from back to side.  I think she may have rolled once or twice from back to belly at this point, but sometimes my second time mama brain can't remember in which position I sat her in the first place, so I'm not sure.  Little Lady also has been really trying hard to sit up.  When we lay her back too far, she pulls her little head and chest up and attempts to pull herself up to a seated position.  She loves to sit in my lap and watch everything that Little Man is doing while he plays.  And lastly, speaking of Little Man...

- Loving on her brother.

I recently posted about Little Man being so gentle and doting to his baby sister, but the love is definitely reciprocated.  Little Lady watches him like a hawk, and doles out smiles to Little Man any time he looks her way as well as DH & I.  Little Man loves to "tummy time, Mama!" with Little Lady, and when he does, she has to have a hand on him.  Whether it is his gentle holding of her hand or Little Lady reaching out to hold his shoulder, she always wants to know that he is right there with her.  Melts my heart people, I tell ya!

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  1. Reid is doing a lot of the same things! He is the happiest baby - always smiling, and has laughed a couple times. He is very busy, too, and rolled over yesterday for the first time! He loves his big brother and is constantly watching him. The one thing he isn't doing is sleeping through the night, but with only 1-2 night wakings now, I can deal with that. When he does wake up, he nurses pretty efficiently and goes right back to sleep.

    Oh! And he's a thumb sucker, too. Hates the paci. So funny, since Colin was always my paci loving kid. We're still trying to kick the habit at 27 months!

    1. Well, after I wrote this a few days ago, we are now waking one more time per night :)

  2. My 3 month old daughter is very similar with her sleep/nap habits. She isn't the best napper unless she has the best conditions (swaddle, white noise, swing). However nights are pretty good (knock on wood). However, I've been reading a lot about "4 month wakefulness" (which is from what I understand a kind of sleep regression. It says especially EBF babies are more distractible due to development and thus nursing less during the day and waking more at night) which is scaring me for next month! Have you experienced any of this?

    1. Yep, like 2-3 days after I wrote this post, LOL. Little Lady has started to wake maybe once, sometimes twice more in the night every other night or so. Little Man did the same thing around this time. Although I'm not for certain that it is the 4 month wakeful for LL as she did JUST start rolling from back to belly and belly to back both ways as well. I know LM always had iffy sleep when he was learning the big, new motor skills.


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