Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm going to shave my head ... and other post pregnancy hair tales

I've written before about how pregnancy has affected my body, in it's many numerous and fun ways.  I've also written about how I don't always feel so wonderful about my post pregnancy body.  I'm getting much better at accepting the new me.

But there's this one thing about my body that has definitely changed for the worse- and, it's about to drive me crazy.

Dear goodness.

No matter what I do with it, no matter what kind of product- natural or not- I use to slick it down, there is a huge tuft of hair right at my part line that sticks straight the heck out.

I haven't figured out any way to make it lay flat.  Braiding it helps somewhat, but to keep all those little hairs in the braid, I have to pretty much slick it down with hair spray.  Straightening it helped initially, but now all those little hairs are heat damaged from too much straightening and now stick out and frizz.  Great.

One of the most annoying parts of these out of control hairs?  They very often point straight out but sometimes decide to point directly into my left eye, making me then spend the day fishing teeny hairs from poking me in the eye and driving me nuts.  

Anyone else have this problem?  I can't be the only one.  Although I hope I am for all of your sake!

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  1. My hair has a mind of its own, but I actually never have had that problem! Have you ever been to Lush Cosmetics? I bet their new Sea Spray would help you out with that problem :). I use it when my hair needs to be calmed down a bit. What I'm dealing with is still feeling like all my hair is falling out! Don't shave your head please! Your hair is pretty, tuft sticking up or not :P.

  2. Do you wash your hair every day? I used to get terrible fly always when I washed every day. Now, I only wash it every three to four days and the difference is AMAZING! My hair is so much healthier now and my H is always commenting on how much thicker it looks. I hope you find a solution. Hair issues are a major hit to the confidence level!

  3. Does it feel funny when you part on the other side?

  4. I have crazy sticking up hair all the time....stupid hair.

  5. how about trying to part it down the middle, not on the side?

  6. My PP hair is redic. I have all these short/baby type hairs around my hairline, but a TON by my part...it looks like I'm partially bald on my part because they are short and just stick everywhere.Annoying. I feel your pain.

  7. I typically only wash my hair once or twice a week, so overwashing isn't a concern. I have tried parting it differently, but it just lays funny (one side is too pouffy and the other side is completely flat). Even when I try to train the new part for a few days, it still looks really off.

  8. I have this problem too, I find that switching my part really helps with breakage. But now being preggos, I know my hair will fall out soon! and those wispy piece will start to bother me, again!

  9. Girl, I'm right there with you. I got "baby hair" right on my bangs/hairline and it's the most ANNOYING thing ever. I also get them on the crown too, little pokies that just stick out! I have found GREAT luck with the new shampoo/conditioner "Clear" it's in a lavender bottle and it's helped tremendously with breakage.


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