Friday, April 12, 2013

BlogHer '13 April BlogHop - Just get me there travel edition!

1.  Most importantly, how are you getting to BlogHer?  Plane, train, automobile?  Since BlogHer '13 is in Chicago, I'll be driving to the conference!

2.  Are you travelling alone or with a friend?  Are you stopping anywhere on your way to BlogHer?  I'll be driving up by myself but meeting three other friends at the hotel.  I will probably take a quick stop to see my parents on either the way there, back, or possibly both.  Thankfully my parents are on the way, so my detour to see them will literally be a few minutes off my path.  Green River Soda, here I come! :)

3.  What is your least favorite travel story or memory of travelling?  I have a few really bad travel memories.  A few of the lesser offenses were the multitudes of times I've been physically ill from sitting in the backseat of a car, but those wouldn't be the worst of my memories.  My least favorite travel memory was probably right before a flight back home from visiting my in-laws.  Saying I'm a bad flier would be a severe understatement, and I become extremely anxious to fly.  On this particular occasion, I got a migraine from being tense and anxious.  I'd had migraines before, but nothing like this one, as I actually lost vision in part of my left eye.  I'd never lost vision before, and at DH and my mother-in-law's insistence, we actually went to the emergency room for me to get checked out.  At the end of the day, we just rented a car and drove home.  Since then, I try my hardest to drive everywhere.

4.  What is your favorite method of travel?  Why?  As mentioned above, since I have a really hard time on airplanes, my favorite method of travel is driving by car.  Although I typically have to be seated in the front seat not to get motion sickness.  I'm super at travelling, lol.  I know that flying by airplane is statistically more safe than driving, but I feel more in control in the car.  Also, if something happens to you in a car, you are almost always able to get to a hospital fairly quickly.  When you're in a plane, if something happens to you, you're kind of out of luck.

5.  Name one thing you'll look forward to on your travels to BlogHer?  One of the things I'm most looking forward to is driving by myself.  I don't get out very much by myself, so it will be nice to play my music or make phone calls without having to worry about anyone but myself.  Also, Green River Soda!!!

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  1. oh god, between you and nicole, i'm really excited about my flight now! HA!

  2. Well after hearing how you fly, I'm thankful that you're close enough to drive (and stop at your parents). You'll have to do a post on this Green River Soda. :)

  3. New follower! Saw this badge on princess of the pnahandle's blog. I was so thinking about going to the conference because it would be convenient for me since I live in Michigan and my sister lives in Chicago. Have you been to the conference before? Have you heard anything good or bad?


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