Saturday, March 23, 2013

Toddler classes- There are too many!!!

We're at that point.

Yep, the point in the winter where your older child realizes they're over spending every day cooped up inside.

I know we've been cooped up in the house because of several reasons.  The first is that we obviously have a newborn, who I don't want to catch any colds or sicknesses in the first few months of life.  The second is that it's really, really cold here.  I hate going out in the cold by myself, and it's a huge process to get everyone covered and ready to brave 10 degree weather.  The third is that I still haven't quite figured out the logistics of errands and outings with two yet.  

The lack of outings seem to make him a little more stir-crazy and I'm wanting some one-on-one time with little man, so I thought a toddler class together might be a good idea.

In the past, we haven't done a whole lot of classes.  I worked 3-5 days a week, so my two days off (Mondays & Tuesdays) were always catching up on laundry, ironing, cleaning the house, etc.  During the time I didn't spend doing that, I wanted to just play and spend time with little man at our own home.  I wanted to make sure he got good naps and quiet time as needed.  Now, however, I won't be working as many hours, and would like to have some fun outside of the house with little man.

A few weeks ago, as some of you know from the Facebook page- little man and I started swim classes.  And does he love it!  At first he seemed a little scared, but after he stopped being a little spider monkey and realized it was fun to splash around and- yes, even go underwater- he was enamored with swim class.  Little man asks me to go every few days, even though the class is only once per week.  

Since our first class has gone so well, I'm now looking out for our second class.

Then comes the question of what to do?

Just by looking at what is available locally, I've already found options for us including: story time at the library, park pal classes (learning about animals and nature at a local park- indoors this time of year), music and movement classes, toddler time, music classes, gymnastics classes, mommy & me fitness classes... the list goes on and on!

There are so many options!  

Ideally, I'd love to enroll in one class we could attend while I wore little lady in a carrier so it wouldn't have to be at night.  I'd also love to find a class for DH and little man to do together as well.  This would give little man and DH more bonding daddy-son bonding time together, get little man out of the house and more active to use some of his never-ending toddler energy, and also give me a little time with little lady by ourselves as well.

So here's where I need your help:

What are the classes your toddler loves?  What are the classes that haven't worked so well for your child or your family?  Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Tumbling/gymnastics class has been our favorite and ice skating parent tot with my husband :)

  2. We loved our swim class, too! Ours was Mon-Thurs for two weeks, though, so it's over now, sadly. We do take a My Gym class once a week. Sophi and I have been going since she was 11 weeks old! She loves it so much and looks forward to it. Outside of that, we have an O2B kids that we love and there is also a Hands On Children's Museum that we frequent. I can't think of a class that we've been to that we haven't enjoyed at least some! Good luck finding some new things for you and little man!


  3. I am so jealous!! We don't have a lot where I live so I wish I had the options. I do plan on doing a swim class this summer, adn hopefully my little guy will be into it! Henry did briefly do a gymnastics class when he was around 18 months and I think it's great to get toddler energy out (hmm, maybe I should have kept him in that...).

  4. We have a lot of colleges near us and we have been going to one through Bellevue College, outside Seattle, the last two years (my son is 2 1/2). The kids do a lot of playing, sensory activities, music, dance, art, etc. It is sort of like a younger preschoool. It's been great, my son loves it! I don't know if you live near any colleges with a child development center but it's worth checking out. The classes are taught by very experienced teachers and they have a nutritionist available to the parents. They even provide scholarships for families who can't afford classes. I highly recommend them based on our experience!

    We also do groups through our church that have been great. Basically if it's inexpensive enough and my son will have fun I'm there! Good luck finding a good class and getting to spend more time together :)

  5. My ladybug loves Lapsit and her dance class. The dance class is more of just a move to music class that starts introducing movement and beats but it is fun and she typically is exhausted by the end (we do toddler play time before hand). I would do lapsit for both and maybe see if DH can take him to a dance or movement class. The only thing is finding one that has hours that work with your husbands work schedule.


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