Monday, March 11, 2013

The little things

I'll admit it into the mic.

When little man was a newborn, I kept really good track of everything.  I even had a day-by-day calendar that I wrote in at least every other day for a YEAR about what we did or he accomplished on each day.  I made sure each little milestone was written down, to permanently etch it into paper so I couldn't forget all of those teeny, tiny, precious changes.

I'm way behind with little lady.

I had every intention of doing the exact same thing for her, keeping perfect track of each and every day and all of those sweet little changes she goes through.  But with having another child at home it just hasn't been possible so far.  At the end of the day with both children, I then have to clean up after everyone, do laundry, dishes, clean the house, care for the pups, etc.  And if I get a few moments left, I try to spend it on myself or doing something I like to save my sanity and keep me refreshed enough to be fully present with both children all day long the next day.

I can't, however, let these little details slip completely.  There are so many little things that I want to remember forever, and here is my list for now:

1. Those gorgeous eyelashes.

I swear those lashes hit her eyebrows they are so long!  I know that I can't claim credit for these, because my eyelashes are nothing to write home about.  However, DH's eyelashes are beautiful as well, so I know that these came from him and his side of the family.  It's tough not to feel your heart warming up when those sweet little eyes are looking back into yours.

2. The fuzzy hair phenomenon after a bath.

Most nights, after a bath, little lady's hair becomes one giant fuzzball.  It's hard to see here, but DH likes to spike it up into a faux-hawk to tame some of the fuzz down.  Since little man lost his hair very quickly in the beginning, having a baby with hair is a new thing to us, and we love it.

3. Honk, honk.  Honk honk honk!

Yep, that's the main noise little lady makes.  For whatever reason, it still takes quite a bit to make little lady cry.  When she's frustrated about something or feeling not quite perfectly settled, little lady tends to either let out a single squeal of displeasure or sit and honk for a little while.  It's almost like the mixture of a honk and a snort, and the honking leads to snorting, which is the last step before a real cry.  It is so funny to listen to little lady get upset about something, so even though I'm trying to fix it right away, I have to have a little laugh at just how she shows her displeasure.

4. All.Those.Smiles.

I remember pretty clearly when little man began to smile and become more expressive in his facial expressions, and it wasn't until right before I went back to work at around three months old.  Little lady, however, has been giving away smiles like crazy ever since a few weeks ago at around one or one and a half months old.  It isn't always reliable yet, but she loves to stare straight into your eyes and give you the biggest, gummiest, beaming smile she can conjure up.  Most times little lady will also follow those smiles with cooing and vocalizing.  It is so fun to watch just how social she is already, and how big of a contrast that was with little man, who was very wanting of physical touch and being held, but didn't attempt to chat with us until much later on.

5. The way her teeny features move just so.

I know that most babies have specific reflexes and movements at this point, but some of the things little lady does weren't things we saw in little man.  Her facial features seem just a bit more small and delicate than little man's were, and her mannerisms appear just so as well.  When little man wanted to nurse, his little head and mouth would be flailing all over the place trying to find me.  When little lady wants to nurse, she does this quaint little lip smacking like she just sampled a new dish, lol.  She does the pouty lip that little man did, but will also give me a little puckered lip that almost looks like she is saying, "Oooooh" like you would while watching fireworks.  She is just so dainty that it constantly makes me smile.

Every single day, there is something else that little lady does that makes me love her just that much more.  I didn't know that a heart could be this full, and I don't want to forget a second of all the beauty that is happening in our lives right now.

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  1. those sweet little smiles are to die for! I love them, she is such a precious little girl :)

    and seriously. it's so hard to keep up with them and keep track! I wish I would've done a better job, and this is just baby #1 for me, I can't even imagine how I'd keep track of things with 2!

    They change SO fast!

  2. Just found your blog through The Bump! I blog for them too! Love your layout and can't wait to dig through and read about another crunchy Mama!!


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