Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tiffany Kuehl Designs Review and Giveaway AND a BlogHer 13 Blog Hop Link Up!!!

As many of you know, I recently had a total overhaul of my blog, courtesy of my friend Tiffany, more formally known as:

Before I started working with Tiffany of Tiffany Kuehl Designs, I thought my blog looked good.  I mean, not as polished as other blogs I've seen, but not tragic.  I'd crafted it myself, attempting to learn some rudimentary HTML and code to do so.  But now?  Looking back on my old design I realize just how much I needed Tiffany!

From the start of the project to the finish, Tiffany was SO wonderful.  I was still pregnant with little lady when we started the process and had a one month old when the final design rolled out onto the blog.  Tiffany was always present when I had questions, but never pressured me to finish on her schedule and let me have as much time as I needed before returning to work on my blog.

One other quality that makes Tiffany amazing?  She is so.darn.patient.

I will admit it into the mic that I'm ridiculously hard to work with at times.  I'm such a perfectionist that the slightest little thing being different than I'd like it throws me totally off in a bad way.  I kid you not, there were several times I needed the spacing between the text juuuuuust a twidge wider so that the lettering wouldn't touch the line above.  Or I needed a word in the text juuuuuust a bit to the right so it's perfectly centered.

Because I measured it with a ruler.

Because I'm nuts.

No matter what silly, inane request I had, Tiffany was happily willing to spend as much time as I needed on those little changes, small tweaks, and large shifts.  I felt like my ideas were being heard completely but then came back to me looking so much better than I had envisioned them to be.

Not only did Tiffany completely overhaul my blog in an amazing way, she went above and beyond in every category.  When I didn't understand a part of the design, she took the time to explain it to me.  Tiffany also added in extra details and features, without nickle and diming me for any of them like other blog design horror stories I've heard.  At one point, she actually FaceTime'd me and showed me a few new tips and tricks for using Blogger just to help make my life easier when I'm using my blog.  Tiffany wasn't all business- she became my friend during the process.

After the redesign I received two of the best compliments a blogger could about their blog design, that came from my lovely blog editor, Kendall from GreatProofreading.com.

"It's the perfect compliment to your personality!"

"I can't stop exploring!"

In hearing those comments, I knew we'd accomplished everything Tiffany & I set out to with this redesign.  The blog is 100% me and really fits who I am as a person, and it also engages the reader to keep reading and look further to what else they can click to find.

Now comes the fun part!

The amazing Tiffany, my awesome friend & BlogHer13 roomie Nicole from The Kavanaugh Report, and I are teaming up this week for a few fun ways to interact with our fellow bloggers!

The first is a blogger giveaway!  We're really happy to give away a credit of $20 off of Tiffany's design services!  It will be a great way to spiff up your blog just because... or... just because you may be going to BlogHer in the next few months?  :)  Which leads me to our next bit!

BlogHer Link Up

We're hosting a Blog Hop!

This Blog Hop is for everyone going to BlogHer 2013!  Nicole & I are so excited that we're both going this year for the first time, and we'd love to get to know a few of our fellow bloggers who are also going ahead of time!  Nicole has compiled a list of questions here.  We're both going to post a link up of these questions on each of our blogs on Friday.  If you're going to BlogHer 13 and want to link up with us, answer Nicole's questions in a post of your own and then come over to either The Naptown Organizer or The Kavanaugh Report to link up your post on Friday!

(Here's the grab button if you're interested as well!)

Now, get to entering that giveaway!!!

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  1. Duh of course I like mine best ;) But seriously I really like the one she did for Violet Imperfection, From Corporate to Domestic and Photography by Besty!


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