Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy First Birthday TNO!

And it's official.

I've been blogging for over a year.

When I began The Naptown Organizer blog a little over one year ago, it started as a way to share organization tips with a few friends.  However, it quickly became much more than that to me.  Blogging became not only a hobby and a past-time for me but also a solace of sorts.  As a relatively new mother, I was still trying to figure out where the balance between being a mother and being myself fell.

And blogging made everything fit.

Without having to spend any money or boatloads of my time, I was able to give myself an outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, excitement, suffering, and life.  Being able to write out what I was thinking, to take time for myself, and to gather my words to put to paper has been extremely cathartic and rewarding for me.  And I am so happy for it.

A fellow blogger recently asked me what my goal was for my blog.  It took me a few minutes to sit and think about it, because I'd never actually had any concrete, objective goals as I'd always just used the blog as my outlet.  When I thought about it further, though, I realized exactly what my blogging goal would be:

To create a community.

Along the way, I've reconnected with old friends, made new friends, and strengthened the friendships I already had.  It has become a way to remain connected to the very group of women who have provided an immense support to me thus far in my journey- the mothers.

I'd like to especially thank Nicole for your constant help and support from start up to now, your friendship means so much to me!  I'd also love to send a shout out and a thank you to my amazing editor Kendall, for all of your words of encouragement and the very valuable time you've spent with me over the past year!

I know this is a little bit puppies and rainbows right about now, but having that safe place to discuss, ask questions, and share feelings with a cohort of ladies in similar life stages has been such a hugely beneficial piece of my own learning how to be a parent and person.

So, thank you all.  

For sharing your time, your words, and your lives with me.  This year has been exceptional, and I can't wait to see what's coming in the future.

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