Thursday, February 28, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks- Upgrade Your Vacuum!

I tend to use my vacuum cleaner pretty significantly.  
And by significantly, I mean all the time.  Because we have our two lovely furbabies who just happen to shed (a LOT!), I'm at least vacuuming the living room every day to every other day.  
Keeping your vacuum cleaner well maintained (bag or canister emptied, cords maintained, spinner kept clean, etc.) is definitely part of the process.  But- in our home- recognizing when to buy a new vacuum cleaner was also a big piece to keeping our home clean.
Let me preface with this- I buy cheap vacuums.  While I'm a huge neat freak, the cost of something like a Dyson doesn't appeal to me.  (Like the $750 vacuum in the picture below.  Really??? Does it clean my floors by itself while making me a coffee and rubbing my back?)  We typically buy vacuums that are around or under $100 each.  And, surprisingly, they do last a lengthy period of time.
Our last vacuum was getting to be about at least 4 or 5 years old by the time it started to cease to work properly.  However, even after I made sure everything on the vacuum was cleaned and working when it just ran over the dog hair instead of picking it up, I kept using it.  
Finally, a few months later, I gave in and we went out and bought another vacuum.  And the first time I cleaned the floors with the new vacuum, I was REALLY grossed out.  
Because our vacuum hadn't been working properly for a few months, the canister on the new vacuum was full after just one room.  It was really nasty to see everything that I hadn't been picking up when I thought I'd been cleaning the floors, especially since we have a very active toddler who loves playing on our soft floors!
It is really easy to become complacent and think that your vacuum is still working "pretty well" even after you see visible signs of it not picking up particles on your floor.  But, really, it isn't. 
If you've cared for your vacuum and made sure everything is clean and in working order, if it still doesn't work properly any more, don't hesitate to replace it!!!
How old is your current vacuum cleaner?  What kind do you have?

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  1. Ugh. I totally feel your vacuum pain! I may not be the neatest person ever but with three dogs and a toddler, I like to have a clean floor! Our Hoover that we had for 5ish years finally died on me while Mitch was on this last deployment. It was doing that whole "vacuum over the hair" thing, along with screeching wildly the entire time it ran. When he got home we researched some vacuums and bit the bullet on a more pricey one. We ended up with the Shark Rotator Lift Away. It was around $250 but WOW! That thing is amazing! I use it about every other day and I get around half a canister of dirt and dog hair every time. Yuck! I have a feeling it will be around for a long time, too, so the price doesn't concern me so much. :)

    1. The dog hair drives me crazy, I swear. If I don't keep up on it we end up with dog hair tumbleweeds, lol!

  2. We have a Dyson (I'm a cheapskate, but we were able to get it for like $150 about 6 years ago because of my husbands job...otherwise I would have NEVER spent the kind of money they are asking for those things) and are actually in the market to get a new vacuum. It hasn't worked "right" for about a year, but I've just been turning a blind eye to the fact that my floors are probably disgusting. I refuse to buy another Dyson because it didn't work better or last longer than any cheaper vacuum I've ever owned, so we're looking into the $100-$150 range this go around.

    1. Glad to hear I should drool less over the Dyson, because for that price tag I'll surely never be getting one! :)


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