Thursday, February 21, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks- Prewash Your Produce!

I love eating fresh fruit and vegetables just about as much as I love serving them to my family.

However, I frequently buy fruit and vegetables, put them in the drawers at the bottom of my fridge, and then completely forget that they are there.  When I do actually remember and go to use them, it's always in a pinch, when I'm ready to serve a meal or a snack.

One tip that REALLY helps me out is to wash, sort, and prepare my fruits and veggies in advance, as soon as I get them home from the grocery store.  

Typically, my routine is to clean the sink before I go to the store.  That way, when I get home, I can fill the sink up with water, a cup or two of vinegar (depending on how much water is in the sink) and my fruits/veggies.  I then leave the fruits and veggies to soak for a little while as I'm putting away the groceries.  

After they've had a little time to soak, I rinse them with fresh water.  Then I do some on the spot prep.  With something like grapes, I immediately take them off of the stem and put into bowls for quick access.  Broccoli gets cut into small pieces to be steamed later.  Strawberries have the leaves pulled out/pitted.  And so on and so on.

That way, when I'm looking in the fridge for little man's lunch, it just takes a quick grab of a handful of grapes to set on his plate.  

This tip saves time as you're not preparing your produce in small portions each time- it's already done for you.  It also saves money in that you're not buying a special wash- just vinegar.  It also saves money because- if you're anything like I am- you don't waste as much food.

Just a quick note though, make sure that you wash your sink AFTER you soak your produce as well.  The vinegar removes almost all of the bacteria on your food, and you want to make sure that bacteria isn't being left in your sink!

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  1. I've just been thinking about this lately! Thanks for the post!

  2. Great ideas, thank you for sharing. I've never heard of using vinegar to wash fruits/veggies before, I will give it a try though.

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  4. You're welcome ladies! @Haley- I use vinegar for everything. :-) It does a really great job of cleaning the fruit and veggies and I find it gives them a little bit longer of a shelf life before they go bad!

  5. Great idea. Does the vinegar flavor come off on the produce? I'm super sensitive to the taste of it. One silly question though.. how do you wash your sink? I do it but never feel like I do a good enough job... especially knowing all of the nasty things that go in there!

    1. The vinegar flavor doesn't stay on the produce if you give it a good rinse when you're finished. If just wear gloves when you're rinsing so that it doesn't get on your hands, as I've noticed they can smell a bit of vinegar when I'm done rinsing.

      I wash the sink by rinsing it out and then giving it a quick scrub down with a little more water and vinegar, just a fresh coat :) I use vinegar a ton around here, if you hadn't noticed!

  6. I was wondering the same question as Heather. What else do you clean with vinegar, and what ratio to water makes it strong enough to have a good cleaning effect?

    1. All of those questions will be answered in an upcoming post! I think my vinegar post is 2-3 weeks from now! :)


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