Thursday, February 14, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks- Hand Soap

Do you buy expensive hand soaps from specialty stores?  

Don't worry- I used to, too.

And then I discovered how to make (or well, stretch!) my own.  

After spending tons of money in my younger years on expensive Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps (with tons of chemicals in them), I finally found a better option.  

Once you've finished with a hand soap bottle, if it is a foam pumping hand soap bottle, you can re-use it to make your soap at a fraction of the cost and almost no work.

After a foam soap bottle is completely used (I actually have a few friends who will buy the expensive soaps and then just give me the foam pump bottle when they are finished using it!), I rinse it out with some water.  
At that point, you can take your favorite soap (I prefer to use more eco-friendly and less chemically laden soaps) and add a few squirts of soap into your foam pump bottle.

The next step is to fill the rest of the bottle with water and secure the cap.  Shake the bottle just a bit, and you're done.

For using just mere squirts of soap, you're getting a full bottle of hand soap out of it!

This method is extremely cost effective for your pocketbook, but also very much eco-friendly.  When you're reusing your (or someone else's) foam soap pumps, you're purchasing less plastics and throwing away (... hopefully recycling!!!) less as well!  

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  1. Have you heard of IQ Cleaner? That stuff is AMAZING. Eco, and economical. They don't make soap YET, but I am hoping that's their next step! After you buy the initial bottle, you just buy these small little refill bottles, fill your cleaner bottle with water, and insert the refill bottle. Mix it up after watching the pretty color fall into the water (I think kids would like this, actually), and done!

    1. I definitely just had to google that! :) It sounds really interesting, although I was unable to find out exactly what was in their "fragrance" as I tend to stay away from anything with added fragrances! Does it list that on the bottle?


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