Monday, February 25, 2013

Little man update- Two YEARS old!!!

I'm not quite sure how we got to this place.

Well, I mean I know how we got here.  Time passed, right?  And now, we have a two year old.

Photos courtesy of Kasey Walker Photography
DH and I were talking about it today and we just don't know where the time went.  It seems like just a few months ago that we were bringing little man home from the hospital.  And now little man is two, and we have a second child.  It's been a wild, wonderful ride so far, and here's what little man is up to lately:

He is still every bit the snuggler that he's always been, much to our delight.  When little man is playing, exploring, learning, or just plain needing some love, he's always willing to show it.  Some nights, he still wants to be rocked to sleep, and I'll happily oblige.  Little man lays his little head down on my right shoulder just so it fits in the crook of my neck and snuggles in, letting me rock him in his quiet bedroom for a few minutes before the end to our day.  When he is playing, little man will often take my or DH's hand and lead us to the game or toy he'd like to play next and then promptly sit in our laps while we play.

Thankfully, we've somewhat improved upon little man's eating habits, even it if is just slightly.  We're continuing to offer any and everything to see what little man will actually eat, and we are slowly adding items to that short list.  While he still won't eat any kind of pasta, most vegetables in solid (not in a smoothie or pureed) form, or any kind of casserole, little man will now eat things such as chicken, pizza, and peanut butter sandwiches.  I still can't believe he hasn't figured out yet that macaroni & cheese is amazing, but we'll keep working on that one!  One other huge gain we've had is that little man is actually feeding himself a good portion of the time now.  During breakfast today, little man fed himself cereal and milk, as well as applesauce, from a bowl with a spoon.  I had to help a little bit at the end to scoop all of the last bits out of the bowls, but he did a majority of the work!

As far as development goes, little man is doing exceedingly well.  I've stopped counting his words or writing them down any more, because little man has so many.  He can tell me the difference between a bi plane and an airplane, knows the name and function of the snow blower, and can request that I give little lady her vitamins each day after I brush his teeth.  Little man is using three to four word utterances, such as "Dada go outside car?"  Since he knows all of his body parts, we've begun to work on learning shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.  Little man can match colors and identifies many colors when I name them, but he likes to call all colors red at this point.  His favorite color, however, is white.  Any time I open the Crayola box it is always, "White please, mama!"  Little man also loves circles.  On our dry erase board, he typically only wants to draw circles.  Well, and trucks!  At this point little man can independently count items up to three, and is able to identify some letters.  The other day I was wearing a t-shirt with lettering on it, and while I was changing his diaper, little man pointed to A and G with his foot and named them.  Two of his favorite letters are R and Q.

Thank you Aunt Emmy for the magnetic fridge letters!  This has been really helping!

Lately, it seems that little man is growing up.  Literally.  He has slimmed down quite a bit as he has maintained weighing in at around 30 lbs, but shooting up in height.  Some of the same pants that we were double rolling a few months ago are close to being too short at this time.  It is great to see him grow and change, but it is somewhat sad to see those baby features slowly going away.

Some of little man's favorite things to do now are outdoor play, sensory play, and pretend play.  Little man loves to take walks and has done so well at holding my hand when we do.  It hasn't been warm enough lately to walk very much, but as spring rolls in, I hope to be able to walk at least once every day or every other day for at least a few minutes.  Little man has also really enjoyed doing sensory play like finger painting, drawing or sculpting shaving cream, and scooping water back and forth with cups.  These tasks would have been a nightmare a few months ago, as little man still didn't want to get his hands dirty, but that is getting much better.  There are still some times when he is halfway through playing where little man wants his hands cleaned off, only to put them right back into the paint, but we're getting there.  Little man has also fallen in love with pretend play at this point.  His grandparents purchased a play kitchen and accessories for his second birthday, and little man spends every waking moment playing with it right now.  Even before we eat breakfast in the morning, he is requesting to play in his kitchen or with his cups/forks/etc.  Right now his favorite play is to pretend he is filling up his cup with water on the fridge door, drinking it, and then getting me a glass of water.  He also loves to put his stir fry on the stove and stir it just like he has watched me do.

(You know, a few times.  When I realize that silver box in the kitchen is supposed to make food.  Ooooh, right!)

Little man also is really getting into vehicles right now.  He cannot wait to watch the garbage truck every Thursday, knows what an excavator is, and loves to play with his dump truck- filling it up with various items. He has also recently become enamored with Thomas the Train, especially the Emily train that a family friend gave to him.  On a recent trip to the doctor for my 6 week checkup, little man saw an ambulance and a school bus, and talked to me about those sightings for at least an hour afterward!

Right now is a really bittersweet time for me in regards to little man.  He is still so little, but each and every day he is growing bigger, taller, more independent.  He looks less and less like a baby and is able to do more and more for himself and by himself.  It is really a beautiful thing, this whole process of development, and I'm in awe of all the new skills he learns every day, but it's also hard in the same respect to lose a little bit of the baby in him every day.

He is now, as he always has been, such a joy to parent, and so much fun to be around.

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  1. The time really does go by two quickly! I was thinking about it yesterday and in 7 short months i will have a 4 year old! How the heck is that possible?!?!?


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