Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little lady- One month old!

Okay.  So little lady is already almost two weeks past being one month old.  I know.

I feel like lately I've had so many thoughts in my head that I haven't been able to put to paper- or, well keyboard in this case.  But there are so many little details I want to share about this beautiful baby we've welcomed into our lives, so here is an update so far!

One of little lady's newborn photos from Elisabeth Smith Photography, taken at one week old.

Ever since leaving the hospital, little lady has been the most wonderful baby.  I don't know if it's second child syndrome (you know, the I'm easier because you silly parents finally know what you're doing thing... or they are easier because you don't have as much time and they aren't accustomed to being held 24/7), or if we majorly lucked out again with another really easy going child.

Little lady is an excellent nurser and sleeper at this point in time.  As for nursing, she is so.much.more.efficient than little man ever was.  Because I'm super organized (okay a little neurotic) and kept track of little man's habits, I can look back and compare between both children.  Little man would nurse for an average of 20 minutes in the beginning, and nursed typically 12+ times per day.  At this point, little lady averages 6 minutes per feeding and nurses for an average of only 8 times per day.  If you calculate that out, that means I was parked on the couch nursing little man for several hours more each day than I am with little lady.  Initially, that concerned me a bit because she is so much more efficient, but since she is gaining weight well it isn't a concern.

As for sleeping, little lady is a dream.  At the age of six days old, she slept her first six hour stretch.  We were overjoyed.  At three weeks old, little lady began sleeping an average of 8 hours uninterrupted every night.  The past two nights?  She has slept for more than ten hours uninterrupted.  The most amazing thing is that she is on exactly the same schedule as little man.  They both go down to sleep at night between 7-8p.  Most mornings, she'll wake for one feeding, nap for an hour or two more, and then be up for the day right when little man is starting to get up.  I don't know how the heck we were able to get her to sleep so well and sleep on the exact same schedule as our toddler, but DH and I are counting our lucky ducks all the way to the bank.

(Did I just make that phrase up?  I think I did.)

When she's awake, little lady is a super happy babe.  I don't ever remember little man smiling this much or this early.  I'm sure it's still just a reflex at this point, but it's nice to see her bright little face light up with that big, goofy smile and those insanely long eyelashes batting at me like fans.  When she isn't happy, she mainly just lets out a short, little Wah! and then goes back to looking around.  DH mentioned a week or two ago that he doesn't think he's actually heard her full out cry yet.

Little lady is enamored with staring at her brother at this point, and he has been so good about adjusting to her arrival.  He tries to help with everything, and loves to hold and burp little lady.  She just pleasantly stares up at him, until he inevitably pokes her in the eye or sticks his hand in her mouth to point at her tongue.  We're still working on being gentle at this point, but she tolerates him so nicely.

Another thing this babe loves is to be worn.  Mostly, we've been using wraps and ring slings around the house, and she loves to just cuddle up into my chest.  I'm thankful having this option, because I actually feel guilty sometimes at my lack of contact with little lady.  Between her short nursing times and her long stretches of sleep as well as chasing after our active toddler, I'm getting nowhere near as many cuddles as I was able to have with little man in the beginning.  Wearing little lady seems to help in this regard, and we're able to spend a little more time together that way.

I'm not going to promise that I'll update every month, because I know me.  I know that I'll post an update every so often, when I feel like I need to remember key details or information.  Or when I have something to write that I'd like little lady to be able to read in the future.  For right now I'm enjoying every single moment with this seriously lovely child that we are so lucky to have in our lives.

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  1. Adorable photos! You're lucky not hearing the full out cries, Eloise definitely tests the limits of her vocal cords these days!

    1. Thank you! And I'm surprised little lady hasn't, seeing as how much her big brother loves to screech right now! :)


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