Thursday, February 28, 2013

Annnnd I'm finally giving away the Moby GO!

So, friends, I've really been trying to give away this Moby GO.  Lol.

The first person wasn't a current like of the TNO Facebook page.  The second person didn't respond back to me within 48 hours after several emails.  The third person wasn't a current like of the TNO Facebook page.  I'm happy to say that the fourth winner the Rafflecopter randomly selected IS in fact a winner, for her like of Tiffany Kuehl Design's Facebook page.

Thank you Alaka Frolick!!!!! You have won!!!!

I'll email you later tonight with details of how to get your Moby GO!

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TNO's Tips & Tricks- Upgrade Your Vacuum!

I tend to use my vacuum cleaner pretty significantly.  
And by significantly, I mean all the time.  Because we have our two lovely furbabies who just happen to shed (a LOT!), I'm at least vacuuming the living room every day to every other day.  
Keeping your vacuum cleaner well maintained (bag or canister emptied, cords maintained, spinner kept clean, etc.) is definitely part of the process.  But- in our home- recognizing when to buy a new vacuum cleaner was also a big piece to keeping our home clean.
Let me preface with this- I buy cheap vacuums.  While I'm a huge neat freak, the cost of something like a Dyson doesn't appeal to me.  (Like the $750 vacuum in the picture below.  Really??? Does it clean my floors by itself while making me a coffee and rubbing my back?)  We typically buy vacuums that are around or under $100 each.  And, surprisingly, they do last a lengthy period of time.
Our last vacuum was getting to be about at least 4 or 5 years old by the time it started to cease to work properly.  However, even after I made sure everything on the vacuum was cleaned and working when it just ran over the dog hair instead of picking it up, I kept using it.  
Finally, a few months later, I gave in and we went out and bought another vacuum.  And the first time I cleaned the floors with the new vacuum, I was REALLY grossed out.  
Because our vacuum hadn't been working properly for a few months, the canister on the new vacuum was full after just one room.  It was really nasty to see everything that I hadn't been picking up when I thought I'd been cleaning the floors, especially since we have a very active toddler who loves playing on our soft floors!
It is really easy to become complacent and think that your vacuum is still working "pretty well" even after you see visible signs of it not picking up particles on your floor.  But, really, it isn't. 
If you've cared for your vacuum and made sure everything is clean and in working order, if it still doesn't work properly any more, don't hesitate to replace it!!!
How old is your current vacuum cleaner?  What kind do you have?

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moby Wrap & GO Giveaway Winners!!!

After an AWESOME giveaway with the Moby Company, we're ready to announce our winners!

Drum roll please..... :)

And the winners are:

Moby Wrap- Rebekah W.

Moby GO- Katrina P.

Congratulations ladies!  You each have 24 hours to contact me (I've just sent you an email, so check your inbox!) to get the instructions on how to obtain your new Moby baby carriers!  I hope you love them, and please let me know if you have any questions with their use!

For everyone else, THANK YOU so much for coming over and checking out the blog!  I'm so excited to get to know you all! :)

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Little man update- Two YEARS old!!!

I'm not quite sure how we got to this place.

Well, I mean I know how we got here.  Time passed, right?  And now, we have a two year old.

Photos courtesy of Kasey Walker Photography
DH and I were talking about it today and we just don't know where the time went.  It seems like just a few months ago that we were bringing little man home from the hospital.  And now little man is two, and we have a second child.  It's been a wild, wonderful ride so far, and here's what little man is up to lately:

He is still every bit the snuggler that he's always been, much to our delight.  When little man is playing, exploring, learning, or just plain needing some love, he's always willing to show it.  Some nights, he still wants to be rocked to sleep, and I'll happily oblige.  Little man lays his little head down on my right shoulder just so it fits in the crook of my neck and snuggles in, letting me rock him in his quiet bedroom for a few minutes before the end to our day.  When he is playing, little man will often take my or DH's hand and lead us to the game or toy he'd like to play next and then promptly sit in our laps while we play.

Thankfully, we've somewhat improved upon little man's eating habits, even it if is just slightly.  We're continuing to offer any and everything to see what little man will actually eat, and we are slowly adding items to that short list.  While he still won't eat any kind of pasta, most vegetables in solid (not in a smoothie or pureed) form, or any kind of casserole, little man will now eat things such as chicken, pizza, and peanut butter sandwiches.  I still can't believe he hasn't figured out yet that macaroni & cheese is amazing, but we'll keep working on that one!  One other huge gain we've had is that little man is actually feeding himself a good portion of the time now.  During breakfast today, little man fed himself cereal and milk, as well as applesauce, from a bowl with a spoon.  I had to help a little bit at the end to scoop all of the last bits out of the bowls, but he did a majority of the work!

As far as development goes, little man is doing exceedingly well.  I've stopped counting his words or writing them down any more, because little man has so many.  He can tell me the difference between a bi plane and an airplane, knows the name and function of the snow blower, and can request that I give little lady her vitamins each day after I brush his teeth.  Little man is using three to four word utterances, such as "Dada go outside car?"  Since he knows all of his body parts, we've begun to work on learning shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.  Little man can match colors and identifies many colors when I name them, but he likes to call all colors red at this point.  His favorite color, however, is white.  Any time I open the Crayola box it is always, "White please, mama!"  Little man also loves circles.  On our dry erase board, he typically only wants to draw circles.  Well, and trucks!  At this point little man can independently count items up to three, and is able to identify some letters.  The other day I was wearing a t-shirt with lettering on it, and while I was changing his diaper, little man pointed to A and G with his foot and named them.  Two of his favorite letters are R and Q.

Thank you Aunt Emmy for the magnetic fridge letters!  This has been really helping!

Lately, it seems that little man is growing up.  Literally.  He has slimmed down quite a bit as he has maintained weighing in at around 30 lbs, but shooting up in height.  Some of the same pants that we were double rolling a few months ago are close to being too short at this time.  It is great to see him grow and change, but it is somewhat sad to see those baby features slowly going away.

Some of little man's favorite things to do now are outdoor play, sensory play, and pretend play.  Little man loves to take walks and has done so well at holding my hand when we do.  It hasn't been warm enough lately to walk very much, but as spring rolls in, I hope to be able to walk at least once every day or every other day for at least a few minutes.  Little man has also really enjoyed doing sensory play like finger painting, drawing or sculpting shaving cream, and scooping water back and forth with cups.  These tasks would have been a nightmare a few months ago, as little man still didn't want to get his hands dirty, but that is getting much better.  There are still some times when he is halfway through playing where little man wants his hands cleaned off, only to put them right back into the paint, but we're getting there.  Little man has also fallen in love with pretend play at this point.  His grandparents purchased a play kitchen and accessories for his second birthday, and little man spends every waking moment playing with it right now.  Even before we eat breakfast in the morning, he is requesting to play in his kitchen or with his cups/forks/etc.  Right now his favorite play is to pretend he is filling up his cup with water on the fridge door, drinking it, and then getting me a glass of water.  He also loves to put his stir fry on the stove and stir it just like he has watched me do.

(You know, a few times.  When I realize that silver box in the kitchen is supposed to make food.  Ooooh, right!)

Little man also is really getting into vehicles right now.  He cannot wait to watch the garbage truck every Thursday, knows what an excavator is, and loves to play with his dump truck- filling it up with various items. He has also recently become enamored with Thomas the Train, especially the Emily train that a family friend gave to him.  On a recent trip to the doctor for my 6 week checkup, little man saw an ambulance and a school bus, and talked to me about those sightings for at least an hour afterward!

Right now is a really bittersweet time for me in regards to little man.  He is still so little, but each and every day he is growing bigger, taller, more independent.  He looks less and less like a baby and is able to do more and more for himself and by himself.  It is really a beautiful thing, this whole process of development, and I'm in awe of all the new skills he learns every day, but it's also hard in the same respect to lose a little bit of the baby in him every day.

He is now, as he always has been, such a joy to parent, and so much fun to be around.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Milan Maternity Lauretta Top Review

Hey all!  Some of you may know that I also blog for the Milan Maternity clothing company.  One of the perks of blogging for MM is that I receive clothing for free.  However, the opinions in this post are 100% honest and 100% my own.  If I didn't like the clothing, I definitely wouldn't have reviewed it for their blog, much less brought the post back over to TNO to share with my lovely readers!  The top below is ridiculously cute on and has been extremely comfortable to wear both pregnant and postpartum while nursing!  Check out my review below!

While browsing through the Milan Maternity store, the first shirt that jumped out to me was the Lauretta top. How cute are those buttons on the sleeves?  I knew I had to have it.  So, naturally, it was the first top I ordered from the Milan Maternity site, and I'd love to share here just why I love it so much more now that I own it.

I've compiled a list of important features in maternity/nursingwear and organized my review with those guidelines in mind below:

- Style:  This section is an obvious win just by looking at the Lauretta top above.  Just because you are trying to fit a pregnant body doesn't mean you need to wear a tent.  And the Lauretta top oozes with trendy fall/winter fashion to me.  I picture it with a pair of cute jeans, a pair of boots, a printed scarf, and a cup of hot chocolate on a coolday.  Perfection.

- Comfort: I border on being size medium or large in different brands, so it is always a gamble on where I'll fall in a new brand.  I ordered this top in a medium, and was second guessing my choice when I saw how small it looked in the box.  However, once I put the top on, it was completely stretchy and oh-so-comfortable.  I wore this for the first time while pregnant through a full day of work, chasing after little man, errands and grocery shopping, and even giving my dogs a bath, and it still felt comfortably stretchy without becoming loose or baggy, like so many other maternity shirts of different brands.  When I read in the item description for the top that you can wear this AFTER you have the baby, I was questioning just how nice the shirt would look at that point.  But I can tell you right now after wearing it, this is 100% a shirt I am still wearing now that little lady is here.  It has enough stretch to make it look like a normal, ruched shirt, even at the end of the day.

- Modesty:  (Yes, this is a feature I look for!)  Most maternity tops I have from my first pregnancy were not designed with increased chest size in mind.  I constantly felt like I was either showing too much or looking like a nun, with no in between.  The Lauretta top does a wonderful job of keeping everything in the right place and being modest while still looking young.  A+ in this category!

- Nursing:  Since I was still nursing my toddler for a portion of my pregnancy, the nursing access feature was one I was able to try while pregnant as well as now after having little lady.  I also own a few nursing tops from little man, and let me tell you- this top is WAY easier and more convenient than anything I have!  The cowl neckline lifts up and the lower seam of the neckline folds down (you can see the seam in the picture above) in order to give you discreet nursing coverage.  My main problem with most nursing tops is that the panels/openings try to be so discreet that there is too much fabric, and it interferes with baby's nursing.  None of that problem here, as the stretchy fabric moved away where I wanted it to, and stayed put without me constantly having to mess with it while little man was nursing.  Excellent!

Overall, the Lauretta top is high on my list of maternity/nursing shirts, and probably the number one shirt in my closet that I am reaching for after I had little lady. 
This top was one of my go-to shirts throughout my entire pregnancy and still continues to be postpartum.  What do you think?

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks- Prewash Your Produce!

I love eating fresh fruit and vegetables just about as much as I love serving them to my family.

However, I frequently buy fruit and vegetables, put them in the drawers at the bottom of my fridge, and then completely forget that they are there.  When I do actually remember and go to use them, it's always in a pinch, when I'm ready to serve a meal or a snack.

One tip that REALLY helps me out is to wash, sort, and prepare my fruits and veggies in advance, as soon as I get them home from the grocery store.  

Typically, my routine is to clean the sink before I go to the store.  That way, when I get home, I can fill the sink up with water, a cup or two of vinegar (depending on how much water is in the sink) and my fruits/veggies.  I then leave the fruits and veggies to soak for a little while as I'm putting away the groceries.  

After they've had a little time to soak, I rinse them with fresh water.  Then I do some on the spot prep.  With something like grapes, I immediately take them off of the stem and put into bowls for quick access.  Broccoli gets cut into small pieces to be steamed later.  Strawberries have the leaves pulled out/pitted.  And so on and so on.

That way, when I'm looking in the fridge for little man's lunch, it just takes a quick grab of a handful of grapes to set on his plate.  

This tip saves time as you're not preparing your produce in small portions each time- it's already done for you.  It also saves money in that you're not buying a special wash- just vinegar.  It also saves money because- if you're anything like I am- you don't waste as much food.

Just a quick note though, make sure that you wash your sink AFTER you soak your produce as well.  The vinegar removes almost all of the bacteria on your food, and you want to make sure that bacteria isn't being left in your sink!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm uncomfortable with my body.

I know- this is totally silly.

I've just barely had a baby, only six weeks ago.  There are loads of pregnancy-related things (I won't go much further than that, just in case you've recently eaten...) still going on with my body.  My milk supply is still regulating at this point to feed my child.  My hormones are adjusting to my body walking around by itself again after almost a year of being intricately intertwined with another being.

I told myself that this time around, I'd be gentle with my body.

Well, for at least the first few months.

When little man was born, I didn't care what I looked like or how much weight I was still holding on to.  At that point, I was just trying to figure out what my child needed, how to fulfill those needs, and how to be a good mother to him.  I lost all the pregnancy weight plus ten pounds within a reasonable period of time.  To be honest, because I didn't really care and wasn't concerned about it, I can't remember now how long it took to be exact.  I know I had lost all the weight by somewhere between six months and a year.  

So, this time around, I didn't think I would care either.  But I do.

I don't know if it's the fact that I'm not obsessing over every little scrunched face little lady makes, trying to identify what it means or what she needs.  It could be because I am much more relaxed and that leaves me to worry about other non-important things like my body at this point.  Either way, there are some days where I just am massively uncomfortable with my body.

Which is kind of odd, because I tend to travel from one extreme of body image to the other in a short period of time.  

There are days where I feel absolutely wonderful about my body.  I carry my saggy mama pooch, angry looking stretch marks, and massively engorged milk factories around with such pride.  I am mother, hear me roar, right?  Those days, I feel so strong in what my body is capable of doing.  I produced life.  I am single-handedly feeding my child with only my spectacular body.  I am strong, yet soft.  Capable and willing to provide for every need my new daughter has.   

One of those days where I just felt GREAT about my body.
So, then- how is it possible that the next day I can feel so poorly about my body, my weight, and how I currently look?

I know some of it has to do with my clothes.  Trying to sandwich myself into super snug pre-pregnancy clothing makes me not only massively uncomfortable but also emotionally damaged.  Trying to yank up my super baggy maternity clothing all day long just doesn't work when you're running around with two children.  I went out and purchased a new pair of jeans recently, and having one pair of pants that actually fit and don't cut off my circulation or fall down constantly really did seem to help me feel a little better.

I also know some of it has to do with the fact that lately I've been back in my pajamas every day, with no make-up on and my hair barely even washed much less styled, especially after I'd done so well at keeping up taking care of myself a bit better since the Mommy Makeover Challenge a few months ago.  Once I get back into the swing of things in the morning and at least begin putting on a little mascara every day, I know I'll feel a bit better.  Lately, both babes have been waking up at almost the exact same time each morning, so it doesn't lend to a ton of time for myself to start the day.  I could wake up early to get gussied up, but- let's be honest- I have a one month old and a two year old, and that just isn't going to happen.

I'm trying to recognize that these feelings are a bit crazy and give myself those positive affirmations each day of what my body just did and is now accomplishing.  It's helping somewhat.

I just hope I start feeling a little more like myself soon- no matter what body I happen to be living in at that time.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Moby Wrap & GO Review and Giveaway!

My first introduction to babywearing was in the aisles of Target.

Yep, the one store that sucks me in so badly and eats the money out of my wallet like a tazmanian devil of cute scarves, jewelry, and random homegoods.

At the time, I was pregnant with little man and shopping for a bathtub.  A friend had recently told me of a duck tub that was apparently amazing, so I headed over to the baby aisles with a few gift cards and checked it out.  As I tried to find the bathtubs, I happened upon several Infantino carriers and a Moby wrap.  I'd never heard of babywearing before, and never seen either of these products.  But I wasn't really feeling the duck tub, so I grabbed a Moby wrap and took it home to give it a try.

Throughout the first few months of little man's life, I realized just how great of an investment the Moby wrap was.  I used that thing all.the.time.  Little man was fussy and didn't want to nap?  Moby wrap.  I needed to make dinner?  Moby wrap.  Going to the grocery store?  Moby wrap.  Our floors needed to be vacuumed? Moby wrap.  Seriously, I used it at least every other day and would have used it more if it weren't in the wash so often from little man being the spit-up king!  (*For fellow mamas of babies who spit up constantly- this wrap is extremely easy to wash!)

So, when the Moby company asked me to review their wrap and also their new Moby GO carrier on the blog, I was really excited to share this product with my readers.

The Moby wrap is a great way to wear your new babe (from 8-35 pounds) right from the start.  It keeps your little one close to you but allows you the luxury of doing things like eating a meal with two hands, and can be a huge lifesaver for your back when you're rocking and shushing your child in circles around your kitchen island for 2 hours.  Noooo, I've never done that before... :)

The Moby GO is Moby's brand new carrier made for babies from 15-45 pounds.  The GO is a soft structured carrier, putting it in the same grouping as the Ergo and the Boba carrier I've discussed previously, so I'll make a few comparisons to those carriers throughout the review.

But, before I get ahead of myself, let's start with the Moby wrap!

As I mentioned, the Moby wrap is for babies from 8-35 pounds.  Basically, it's a reeeeeeeally long piece of fabric, that you wrap around your body and your child to keep them secure and you comfortable.  Because the fabric is long and somewhat wide, it takes a few minutes to get it on and baby in, especially in the beginning when you're new to babywearing.  (The Moby wrap comes with an instruction guide and has helpful videos of how to wrap on their website.)  One way I got around awkwardly spending ten minutes wrapping little man up in the Moby in a parking lot in the beginning was to put on the wrap before I left the house, wear it in the car, and then just pop him in when we were at our destination.

The upside of all that fabric is that it very much evenly distributes your child's weight over your full shoulders and back, lending to an immensely comfortable carry.  Carrying your baby in a wrap can be one of the most comfortable carries available, in my opinion.  Also, as you can see from my photo below, your baby is extremely secure as they are wrapped in three layers of fabric.  Just like her big brother, little lady loves the comfort being cuddled or worn right up on my chest, and falls asleep almost instantly when I wrap her in our Moby wrap.

While Moby does report you can wear your babe up to 35 pounds in the wrap, I find the material to be a bit too stretchy for my comfort level at the higher end of that weight range.  For the same reasons, I won't do a back carry in the Moby, only front carries, although I do know people who will back carry in the Moby.  

As a new mama, this was a really easy transition into the art of babywearing.  Easy instructions, simple to use once you get the hang of it, really comfortable for both you and your baby.  And- as opposed to other wraps I own- it's pretty darn affordable, at only right under $50 for the Moby wrap.  All in all this is an excellent choice to get you started wearing your baby in comfort and style.  

Now, let's talk Moby GO.

The Moby GO is Moby's newest addition to the babywearing world.  As mentioned above, the Moby GO is a soft structured carrier (or SSC), which puts it in the same class as a Boba or Ergo carrier.  But- to me- it has a much more hybrid feel.  Because of the construction and design of the carrier, the GO feels much more like a wrap than a SSC.  The Moby GO has the same general characteristics of a SSC from the front- ergnomic seat for baby (from 15-45 lbs for the GO's weight capacity), supportive waist strap, and zippered pocket with nap hood.

*Of note, the nap hood in the GO does not snap onto the shoulder straps like other SSC's on the market.  However, I mainly use the nap hood during the floppy head newborn stage, and at the lower end of the GO's weight limit- 15 lbs- I don't typically use the nap hood any more anyway.  But that is personal preference and you may find your needs are different than mine.  The GO also does not have an extra pocket for a phone or wallet, either.

However, when you look at the back of the Moby GO, it's a totally different type of carrier.

Let's pretend we don't see my bed head, thanks!  :)

As you can see on my picture above, the Moby GO's straps cross over the back, eliminating the need for the "chest strap" you'll see on most other SSC's.  This is the one feature of the GO that completely sets it apart and- in my opinion- puts it right up in the running with some of the SSC's I love.  Wearing the GO was a completely different feel to me than wearing other SSC's.  I love the security and comfort of a SSC, and the GO has all of that plus an added level of comfort by feeling like you were only wearing your Moby wrap.  I found the GO to be an excellent mix or hybrid of a SSC and a wrap and was super comfortable.

I will say this though- the GO did take me quite a bit longer to get on initially than my other carriers.  Because of the crossbody straps, there is a bit more maneuvering to get yourself and baby in.  However, I think the added minute or two of getting your baby in is completely worth the comfort of the carry once you're set and ready to go.

After spending some time with little man (who is 30 lbs) in the GO, I find it to be a great addition to my babywearing gear.  And- at the price point of $80- it is a really affordable option.  The GO is $45 less than the Boba carrier I own and a total of $55 less than the organic Ergo in my collection as well, so it is quite a bit cheaper than some of the other SSC's on the market.  There are a few less bells and whistles like no purse strap on the GO- although I have figured out a way to clip my wristlet on the waist strap!  But, again, for the price I think it's an excellent carrier for someone who doesn't have a ton of cash lying around to spend on expensive carriers yet still wants the quality and comfort of a SSC.  

So here's the most exciting bit...

Moby wants to give one of my lucky readers their own Moby Wrap!

I've added in a rafflecopter below for you to enter to win your choice of any of the wraps on the Moby website store!  As always, if you have any questions, please email me at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com! 

***Because of the interest of you lovely readers, Moby has decided to also give one lucky TNO reader a Moby GO!  That means one person will win a wrap and another person will win a GO!  How awesome is that???  I've added an extra day to the giveaway to be sure everyone can get all their entries in, now get to entering!!! 

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Milan Maternity Marianna Top Review

Hey all!  Some of you may know that I also blog for the Milan Maternity clothing company.  One of the perks of blogging for MM is that I receive clothing for free.  However, the opinions in this post are 100% honest and 100% my own.  If I didn't like the clothing, I definitely wouldn't have reviewed it for their blog, much less brought the post back over to TNO to share with my lovely readers!  In the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting a few of my favorite pieces from MM.  The tops below have gotten SO many compliments and have been extremely comfortable to wear both pregnant and postpartum while nursing!  Check out my review below!

If you don't own the Marianna maternity/nursing top from Milan Maternity, you seriously need to grab this soon for your closet!  I was able to snag the Marianna top in both white and blue, and I just LOVE these shirts.  Check them out below, and then let me tell you why :)

Let's start with the logistics of the top.  Per the Milan Maternity shop, it is a "henley maternity top with pintuck detail and mandarin collar. 3/4 length button cuff sleeves. Unbutton to desired length and lift up the inner tank sheath for modest and discreet nursing."  It is really nicely fitted in the chest and arms but does allow some room with their again awesomely stretchy material around the waist to accommodate your growing babe.  

This shirt hits all of the top marks for me:  It is REALLY easy to nurse in, it is form fitting while still being modest and appropriate, and it makes my flabby mama arms look amazing!  The best part about this shirt though?  You can practically pair it with almost anything.  I've worn this top on cooler summer days with a pair of shorts or a pair of capri pants, as well as I'm now wearing it in the fall temperatures with jeans or khakis.  I definitely forsee it being something I'll add a scarf or a light jacket to in the fall and wear throughout that season as well.  The fabric is light and airy, but clings to your skin so it does provide some warmth when in cooler temperatures.  I am so glad I decided on getting both colors of this top, I could wear this all week!

Hint, hint Milan Maternity!  Make more colors of this top! :)

Would you consider wearing the Marianna top?

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks- Hand Soap

Do you buy expensive hand soaps from specialty stores?  

Don't worry- I used to, too.

And then I discovered how to make (or well, stretch!) my own.  

After spending tons of money in my younger years on expensive Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps (with tons of chemicals in them), I finally found a better option.  

Once you've finished with a hand soap bottle, if it is a foam pumping hand soap bottle, you can re-use it to make your soap at a fraction of the cost and almost no work.

After a foam soap bottle is completely used (I actually have a few friends who will buy the expensive soaps and then just give me the foam pump bottle when they are finished using it!), I rinse it out with some water.  
At that point, you can take your favorite soap (I prefer to use more eco-friendly and less chemically laden soaps) and add a few squirts of soap into your foam pump bottle.

The next step is to fill the rest of the bottle with water and secure the cap.  Shake the bottle just a bit, and you're done.

For using just mere squirts of soap, you're getting a full bottle of hand soap out of it!

This method is extremely cost effective for your pocketbook, but also very much eco-friendly.  When you're reusing your (or someone else's) foam soap pumps, you're purchasing less plastics and throwing away (... hopefully recycling!!!) less as well!  

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