Thursday, January 24, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks- Natural Glass Cleaner

We have a glass kitchen table.  

As a parent, you probably know what that means: lots of smeared food, finger prints, cup condensation rings, etc.  And if I'm anything- I'm obsessed with keeping it clean.

Since I wipe the table down at least 1-3 times per day (depending on how obsessive I'm feeling that particular day), I've gone through a TON of glass cleaner in the past.  

Recently, however, I've discovered a cheaper, more eco-friendly, and just as effective method.

Here's my homemade glass cleaner recipe:

1.  Start by washing out an old glass cleaner bottle.

2.  Add a few cups of water.  I typically fill about 60% full.

3.  Add a cup or less of distilled white vinegar.

4.  Add just a splash or two of dish soap.

*5.  If you choose, you can add some essential oil in your preferred fragrance.  I typically skip this step.

This glass cleaning concoction is quick to make, handy to have around, and does just as great of a job as your typical glass cleaner.  No streaks here!

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