Thursday, January 17, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks- Cleaning Your Mattress

I'll admit it into the microphone- for years I didn't clean our mattresses.

I guess I just didn't ever think about it?

Recently, though, I started thinking about just how much time we spend sleeping at night on our mattresses, and the fact that we had never cleaned them started to gross me out a little.  Okay, I'm a germaphobe- so a lot.

But, then I started to think about how one really does clean a mattress?

It's not like you can soap it up like you're washing a car.  It's not like I can take it outside and hose it down and know it is clean afterward.  It's not even something I can spray vinegar all over like I do with everything else in our household, lol!

After searching for a while on Pinterest, I found a few sites with the suggestion of using baking soda to clean your mattress.  Apparently, the baking soda will draw out moisture and dirt from your mattress and deodorize it, similarly to why you leave an opened box of baking soda to deodorize your refrigerator.  
Since I use baking soda for everything else, I figured- why not?

Here were my steps:

1.  I sprinkled the baking soda all over the top of the mattress and walked away.

2.  A few hours later, I came back and vacuumed it up.

That's it.  Simple as that.

(You can add a few drops of essential oils in your preferred scent to your baking soda to leave your mattress smelling of the essential oil.  I don't typically use this step, but you can if you'd like!)

Initially, the first time we tried this, I tried it out on our guest bed.  I cleaned the mattress a few days before my parents were to come visit.  When they woke up the first morning, after sleeping on the newly cleaned bed, I asked them if they noticed anything different.  A different smell, residual powder that I may not have vacuumed all the way, etc.  They hadn't noticed a thing to be different.

To me- that was an excellent indicator.  If they couldn't tell that I had done it- and the baking soda had done it's job like it always does on my many other cleaning projects- I'd consider it a success.

How do you clean your mattress?  Would you ever try this method?

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