Saturday, January 19, 2013

Little man meets little lady photo dump :)

Bear with me, as this post is a little delayed and I'm just catching up!

On the first day of little lady's life, my parents brought little man into the hospital to meet his sister.  

Thankfully, it went really well.  

Little man really wanted to hold her, to be close to me for a little bit, and then to identify her eyes, ears, nose, etc. by pointing.  :)  It was pretty cute!  Here are some of the pictures from that meeting:

Are we sure this is okay, Dad?  

Looking at how teeny baby sister is!

This one warms my heart a little bit

Giving kisses for the first time

Yep, there is her mouth!

And we definitely had to check out if she had hair under that cap!
 I just have so much love for these littles.  
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  1. So sweet! That was such a neat experience with Gus. There's something about a big brother with his baby sister. :-)

  2. Thank you guys! And yes, Lindsay, it is so sweet to see them interact!


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