Sunday, November 25, 2012

To do list update #1

Since I posted a few weeks ago regarding my crazy to do list, I want to check in every 2-3 weeks to keep myself accountable to actually finish some of this stuff. 

I'm not going to lie, I haven't had a ton of motivation lately, but here's what we've done so far!

- Tear apart car seats (new baby & little man's), wash, and re-install in both DH & my cars.  Done.

- Wash/sanitize bottles.  Done.

- Call insurance company, try to get started on getting my new pump.

- Bring bassinet up from the basement and wash all linens.  Done.

- Dig through all little man's tubs of old clothes in the basement to find onesies/socks/anything unisex that can be used again.  Wash said clothing.  Done.  Holy goodness we had a lot of white onesies.  Also, I've realized that I need more sleep sacks.  I'll add that below.

- Reorganize the new baby girl clothing in the nursery room dresser so that it is in some semblance of order based on sizes and functions (pj's versus outfits).  Done.  This also helped me to realize I didn't have a ton of 0-3 or 3 month clothing.  My mom picked up a few things for us (love you mom!) and I'll go thrifting soon to see if I can find more.

- Pack hospital bag.

- Finish little man's toddler room.  Secure dresser to wall, finish spray painting wicker baskets, finish painting oars, finish organizing book shelf, find picture frames and pictures for book shelf.  Send out fabric for bunting flags and hang them when they are done.  This one also is partially done.  I think the only thing we have left to do is hang the flags once my lovely friend Heidi over at The Pajama Mama is finished doing all the amazingness that she does!

- Transition little man into said toddler room.    In process, but he is doing amazing!

- Make and go to endocrinologist appointment.  
(Oh, yeah, I didn't mention that yet?  Yes, now my thyroid levels are off, so I get to meet with another specialist this pregnancy.  Joy.)  Done.  No further comment, my head is still in the sand on this one.
- Meet with our doula.  Done!  Two meetings complete and more scheduled upcoming!

- Make freezer meals.  
(Beth- I'm looking at you!  Let's get a date picked out!)

- Stock up on groceries/pantry staples we'll need after the baby (such as milk for little man, snacks, bread to freeze, easy dinner options like macaroni & cheese, etc.).

- Buy a new video monitor for little man's toddler room.   Done!  New monitor up and installed.  Thankfully, it was just in time for DH to hurt his back a few days later, and he ended up sleeping in the toddler room in a recliner for a few days, so I was able to have both my boys on a monitor!  Lol.

- Wash boppy and boppy covers.  Done!  Now just to put the cover back on the pillow before it gets lost...

- Submit all required FMLA/STD paperwork.  Finish all discharged charts, orient maternity leave coverage SLP to all of my clients.  Finish getting all co-workers competencied on the Visi-Pitch equipment.  

- Clean the carpets.

- Deep clean the heck out of the house.

-Stock up on all new baby basic need stuff that I used last time around, like breastmilk storage bags, newborn disposables for the hospital, Lansinoh soothing gel pads, etc.  

- Finish all of the little baby proofing tasks we've been putting off because we're able to keep an eye on little man all the time now.

- Even if we can't get out for a real date, at least order in pizza one night and watch a few movies just DH and I after little man goes to bed.  

- Put my feet up for like 10 minutes before this baby comes?

Here are some items I'm going to add to my list for the next check-in:
- Stock up on more sleep sacks.

- Stock up on more 0-3 and 3 month clothing.

- Finish purchasing Christmas gifts and wrap said gifts. 

Okay, now I'm glad I updated, because we accomplished much more than I thought we had.  

Thankfully, the other weekend DH also went out and did a ton of fall gardening and yard work so we'd be ahead on that front as well, AND we put up our Christmas tree yesterday!

Less than 35 days until my due date, we better get on this stuff!!!!

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  1. Please add: tell your sister what you want for Christmas, and if its the same thing we discussed previously, tell her how to order it : ) love u, emma xoxo

  2. Wow! I'm exhausted just reading that! Good luck!

  3. So I have a silly-ish question for you. I know every baby/pregnancy/situation is going to be different. I want to mainly breastfeed, but I also want to be able to receive some help from Hubby and let him give her a bottle sometimes (of breast milk). How long did you wait with little man before you introduced a bottle to him while breastfeeding? And how long will you wait with little lady? Also -- because this is my plan, should I just sterilize nipples now rather than waiting? Thank you! I couldn't think of anyone else I'd feel comfortable asking :)

  4. Hey Candy! How long do you have before you will return to work if you're going back? I think that made a difference for when I started to express milk and have DH bottle feed little man! With little man, I went back to work at 12 weeks, so I'm pretty sure we started with him taking one bottle every other day in like week 8 or 9, and then weeks 10 and 11 he took one bottle from DH while I pumped every day.

    We had to try a few different kinds of bottles to find one that he liked, but what worked best for him were the Playtex Ventaire bottles with a slow flow nipple. If you are breastfeeding, I'd highly recommend getting the slowest flow nipple available in the bottle system you're using to start out.

    We will have to start pumping sooner this time around with the little lady as I will have the biopsy done in the end of January, and I need to make sure DH will have milk to give her if she's hungry while I'm gone. I, personally, would prefer not to start that early pumping and bottle feeding (she'll likely be only a few weeks old), but I have to do what I have to do, right? :)

    I'd definitely sterilize your bottles/nipples now if your due date is soon though. I'm a huge fan of getting any and everything you can done before the baby comes, because even small tasks will seem huge at first!

  5. I would make sure though that you're giving your body and your supply enough time to regulate before you offer a bottle though if it isn't necessary.

    If you do start early with pumping and bottle feeding, I'd pump and offer a bottle no more than one time per week, see how it affects your supply/breastfeeding, and if it doesn't then go from there.

    DH actually was extremely helpful in the beginning as he would wake for every feeding with us, change little man's diaper, and bring him to bed with me. So, he was doing half the work already that way. Even if your H/SO is bottle feeding, you'll still have to get up at the same time to pump to keep your supply regulated, so it isn't altogether that helpful to have your H give a bottle if you're nursing.

  6. You have NO idea how much of a help that is. We're planning on me being a stay at home mom right now. H only has one day off a week and it's not like he works a 9-5, the times change every day so there isn't much consistency. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a bad mom, I want to do what is best for her but I guess I'm just worried I won't be able to do it all. I just know that I definitely WANT to breastfeed (and he is really supportive) so I don't want to mess up my supply and such. It's causing a bit of anxiety, but you've helped more than you know. I'm due on Christmas so I guess I'm just trying to prepare myself as much as possible!


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