Monday, November 5, 2012

Mama Guilt- Early Morning Edition...

There are a multitude of things that mothers feel guilt over when it comes to their children.  In fact, since there are two sides to a coin with pros and cons for most choices that parents make, there are not many parenting topics without a possibility of feeling some guilt for "having done _________ incorrectly."

Sleep- and helping your child's sleep patterns- have always been a hot topic of mommy guilt.  But, I'd like to approach it from a different angle today.

I hate having to wake my child.  

To me, there is almost nothing worse than walking into my sleeping babe's room in the dark- seeing his sweet, precious, relaxed slumber- and having to abruptly wake him.

Because, really, no matter how I do it, he is my child, and little man always wakes with a startled and confused look, as if to say, "Why, mama?  I was fine!"

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker of mine about early wakings.  Mainly we discussed our mutual feelings of guilt at dragging our little ones out of bed, out of the home, out of their normal routine just to accommodate our work schedules.  Not being able to see their happy little faces as you move slowly through a morning routine such as songs during tooth brushing, calling Grammy during breakfast, and slowly easing into our day is something that both my co-worker and I miss greatly.

I may feel so much guilt because of the time of day that I need to wake little man.  On days I work my long shifts when DH is unable to take little man to daycare later, I have to wake him up between 5:45 and 6a.  And literally- on those days- I have our timing down to a science.  Bag is packed by the door with supplies for his day, milk in a cup waiting in the fridge, dry cereal in a to-go container on the counter, coat sitting in a chair.  From wake-up to stepping out the door, we are typically done in less than 15 minutes.  

I honestly just can't handle waking him any sooner.  Even if it meant a slow, relaxed breakfast at home instead of little man taking his breakfast at daycare, I just can't handle the thought of waking him at 5:30a to do so, especially when on a typical day he would sleep for HOURS beyond that.  

Other than becoming a stay at home mom or hiring a nanny to come to our family home (both of which are not financial possibilities at this time), there isn't a whole lot I can do about my mommy guilt.  

He needs his sleep, but I have to work.  

There really isn't any other option.

Nevertheless, I will continue to feel the guilt.

What are some things that you feel guilty about when it comes to parenting your child?

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