Tuesday, November 6, 2012

32 week bumpdate!

As I type up this post, I officially have 55 days remaining until my due date and only 34 days until this baby is full term.  If I'm looking at how long little man's pregnancy lasted, there are only 50 days left until the gestational age in which he was born.
Photo sneak peak of our family pictures courtesy of the awesome Kasey @ KaseyWalkerPhotography.com!
New baby (yes, still nameless....!) is now 32 weeks and we are almost 40% through my third trimester.  Since I posted last at 26 weeks, I have a lot to update!

Most importantly, we have been released from the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist!!!  Earlier this week, we had what I'm hoping to be my final pregnancy ultrasound this time around at the MFM office.  Since my last ultrasound showed some slowing in the growth of the long bones of the arms and legs, the doctor asked me to return for one more ultrasound after 30 weeks to check the progress of baby girl's growth.  

Thankfully, her leg and arm growth had gone from being in the 8th and 10th percentile last appointment to now being somewhere between the 27th and 37th percentile, I can't remember which.  Either way- she is growing- and they said we did not need to see their specialist any more!

Since I have been seeing the MFM doctor for at least five months of this pregnancy, it is nice to just be released to continue the pregnancy in a more normal fashion and only having to see the regular Ob.  
The MFM doctor did mention at the last ultrasound that baby girl continues in the breech position, and already started to comment on an external version at 36 weeks (where you are given medications to relax your muscles and then they attempt to move your baby with their hands from the outside) or a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks.  

Well, sorry folks, but even if this babe continues breech at 39 weeks, I will not be having a scheduled C-section.  This is a slight aside, but in my opinion, just because a baby is breech in position, it does not make any sense to schedule a C-section in advance, prior to my child actually being ready to be birthed.  IF she is still breech at 39 weeks, or 40 weeks, or even 41 weeks, and a C-section is an option on the table (no pun intended), I will allow my body to go into labor first.  That way I know for sure baby girl is actually ready to be birthed and also it gives her time just in case she wants to flip at that time.

Thankfully, when I talked to both my midwife and the actual Ob from the normal practice, neither seemed concerned.  The Ob dismissed the comments the MFM doctor made entirely, saying that baby girl has plenty of time to turn head down and that it isn't even a concern at this point.  My midwife expressed the same idea that baby has plenty of time to turn, but did give me a few recommendations on techniques to try.  

Interestingly enough, the Ob vehemently reported that they would NOT deliver a breech baby vaginally if the presentation still remains at birth, while my midwife explained that she would, although went into detail on the fact that they are trained in breech birth as well as the extra precautions they would use to ensure both my and baby's safety, such as an extra midwife present, etc.

For now, I've been trying a few things to encourage baby girl to turn, but haven't been stressing over it.  She'll turn when she turns.  Just in case anyone else has a breech babe, here are the things I've been doing:

- Seeing a chiropractor.  I've had one appointment so far to complete the Webster technique for pregnant ladies.  (While having nothing to do with baby being bottom down, I did notice less leg pain and decreased swelling in my ankles and legs the night after my appointment.)

- Completing exercises from the Spinning Babies website.  The main exercises I've been completing are inversions and the cat back exercises.

- Using peppermint oil on the top of my belly.  While it seems a little silly, I've heard that some babies do not like the peppermint oil and will turn away from it.  We use peppermint oil all the time for other body and home purposes and I love the smell, so this is actually the least effortful technique I've been using.

- Playing music down near my lady bits.  I have to laugh a little at doing this one, but it was recommended to me by several people- and it's just a bit less awkward than having my husband talk to the baby down there as I was also recommended to do.  Again, the concept is that baby will move toward the sound.  

If these techniques don't succeed in encouraging baby girl to move head down, my midwife does perform moxibustion (a Chinese technique intended to increase circulation and blood flow to help the baby turn) and I've also been given a recommendation from a friend of mine to see a acupuncturist.  From looking at their website, It seems they recommend to come in around 35 weeks if the baby is still breech.

As most of you know, I'm a planning type of girl, so having some possible ideas and techniques to use really helps me to feel some control in an uncontrollable situation.  :)  It's working well for me.

Other than that- and the posts I made about lack of energy and my ever growing to do list- the pregnancy is going really well.  I'm slowing crossing off items on my list and getting ready for the holiday season that will introduce a new member of our family.  

Now all I need to do is get DH to put up the Christmas tree so I can pretend we're almost there!!!

How are all my other pregnant mama friends feeling?  How are your pregnancies progressing?

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  1. On Saturday day I'll be 35 weeks and have 35 days to go! I'm not sure where the time went but I feel like my to-do list is getting longer instead of shorter and the lack of energy just isn't helping. I've started forcing my self to do at least one little thing a nite.

  2. I'm at 35 and a half weeks now, which doesn't seem possible. I feel like just yesterday I found out we were being blessed with another miracle.
    Hope the final stages of your pregnancy go smoothly and I completely agree with your decision to not schedule a C section and instead let your daughter decide when she's ready to make her big debut. During my last pregnancy my doctor kept trying to do things to induce labor starting at 38 weeks, but I wouldn't let her. I knew my little one would come when she was ready and sure enough, 9 days past her due date, she decided it was time and graced her Daddy and me with her presence.

  3. Glad that you are feeling good overall and not stressing too much about her position - she's got plenty of time to turn around. I'm doing great most of the time (will be 35 weeks tomorrow), just trying to hang in at work for the last month!

  4. YEAH for not scheduling a c-section!!! sounds like you are doing lots of good things to get baby to turn. have you considered acupuncture with moxibustin. It often works. Also, I did read somewhere that it is better to wait until about 38 weeks for the external version, but I cannot find my source - just FYI. I hope and pray baby turns for ya - this is from a mom with one breech babe that did not turn with most of the above and external version resulting in a CS; my other breech turned and turned back to breech but was born vaginally in breech position.

  5. First of all- how ADORABLE are you!? :)

    I love that you're not going to schedule a c-sec. in advance. Good for you momma! Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy!


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