Saturday, October 20, 2012

Potty training- Why the rush?

Since my last toddler update post, little man has been showing some signs of potty readiness.

He has figured out the whole routine, going to the bathroom, tugging for me to take his bottoms off, sitting on his potty, even getting paper and wiping at the end.  He has also started to point to his bum and say "poop!" at appropriate times.


I'm burying my head in the sand.

At 20 months, directly before we have a second baby, I am not quite interested yet in walking that path.  I recognize that when we do potty train, it will be a very good thing for little man, but I'd like to take one step at a time right now.  As we are going to transition into a toddler room and toddler bed- as well as bring his sister into our home in the next few months- I don't want to change too many things at once in too drastic of a fashion.  

Not only that, but seriously, why the rush?

Honestly.  Maybe it's just me, but how can potty training be easier at this point?  With a little one this little, there is no way that stopping and finding a bathroom every single time they need to potty is going to be easier.

Sure, changing dirty diapers isn't always the most pleasant thing in the world, but I'm pretty sure shampooing a car seat or couch due to an accident is a lot less fun.  

But, with everything else in this culture of child-raising, it seems that as soon as a child can possibly do something, if they are not doing it, our culture is either looking negatively toward that child or their parents.  Our society as a whole puts so much pressure on individual achievements- the faster, the better.  And our children feel the brunt of this from the moment they grace us with their presence, in some cases.  

When will they sleep through the night without rocking or comfort?

When will they get rid of their pacifier?

When can they do this, that, or the other independently?

As a parent, I am making the choice to let my child grow on his own time, at his own pace.  If he is truly ready, we will know at that time.  It won't be forced, pushed, or pressed just because it sounds like a great accomplishment for a child before the age of two.  

As for right now, I'll continue to diaper my babe happily and completely pretend the thought hasn't even crossed my mind about searching for a bathroom everywhere we go.  

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  1. I understand. We PT Curtis this summer when he was 26-27months (We used the 3day method, worked wonders) I couldn't imagine doing it anytime before then, He was always interested in the potty starting young. But I too buried my head in the sand until he was older, and it worked out great! I will say the first 2 weeks I said "how is this easier than diapers" but now it's SO much easier, we can go out and about and he doesn't have to potty every 30minutes..etc.. You'll know when the time is right!

  2. I completely agree there is no rush!! My son was a little over 2 before I even started PT. My mother was shocked that I waited that long; all her kids were PT by the time we were 1! But I like what you said...we pressure our children. I think we pressure them right out of childhood!

    Good for you for letting your child set their own pace and doing what YOU think is right for your child and family!

  3. Thank God somebody else said this! I agree 100%. My girl started telling me she wanted to use the potty at 18 months old. So what did I do? Ignored her for six months. I don't feel bad at all.

    Once I couldn't put it off any longer, she had one accident and never looked back. I am so glad I waited.


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