Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mommy Makeover Challenge Day Two!

Hey all!  Welcome back to the Mommy Makeover Challenge!  We're on day two of a seven day challenge, so if you are just finding the challenge now, you can still join in!  Check out the rules here!

How long did it take you to get ready?  It took me probably around twenty minutes to get ready, but I had braided my hair the night before.  I'll be posting a tutorial on the braided headband in a week or two, because I love it so much!  

What did you do differently than your normal routine? I again set my alarm a few minutes early to get up and get ready.  (I shower at night after little man is in bed, that way I can just let my hair air dry and don't have to waste time blow-drying it!  I'm all about speed here now!)  Other than my hair, I put on a quick bit of makeup and threw on jeans and a top.

Did you go anywhere outside of the home?  Where did you go/what did you do?  Since I was actually in clothing on a Tuesday, I took little man out to the park.  He played on the park equipment for a little while, but really spent a ton of time just playing around the walking path.  He found many an interesting new rock to put in his jacket pocket.  He also loved hanging his little head over the side of the bridge (while held cautiously by his worried mama) and dropping said rocks into the creek below. 
Did you feel any differently?  I am completely thankful that I was leave-the-house-ready today.  I hate to admit it, but little man and I don't go out as nearly as often as we should on my days at home with him.  He had an absolute ball at the park and it kind of made me feel a bit guilty that we hadn't been doing stuff like this all along.  It was so easy to get out of the house when I was already done getting dressed for the day before he even woke for the morning.

How did you ladies do on day two of the challenge?  Link up or let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love, love, love that hair do! I am so not creative enough to even attempt something like that!

  2. @Candy- It is REALLY easy, I promise! I have a tutorial coming up on how to do the headband braid, keep on the lookout for the next week or two, I'm not sure when I'll get it up!


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