Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mommy Makeover Challenge Day Four!

Hey all!  Welcome back to the Mommy Makeover Challenge!  If you're new here, or just finding the challenge, we're on day four of a seven day challenge, so you can still join in!  Check out the rules here!

I've added in two pictures for today, I'll explain why below :)

How long did it take you to get ready?  A little bit longer than normal, maybe over a full half hour, but this is mainly because I don't go into work until much later on Thursdays so I can be slow!

What did you do differently than your normal routine?  This is where picture number two comes in.  I got dressed in my not-dressy-but-not-jeans outfit for job #2 today like I would most Thursday mornings, but instead of ripping my nicer clothes off the second I walk in the door to grab a pair of yoga pants, I actually STAYED in my khaki pants and top, and added a little jacket to it to run some errands.  

Did you go anywhere outside of the home?  Where did you go/what did you do?  When I got home from work in the afternoon, DH, little man, & I ran a ton of errands, buying spray paint for some craft items, getting light bulbs to fix the broken ones in our bathroom, did a bit of grocery shopping, etc. 

Did you feel any differently?  I completely did.  It took absolutely ZERO effort to actually just stay in the clothes I was already wearing for a little while longer, and while walking around the stores, I was NOT that schlumpy mom in stretch pants and a t-shirt.  Even though I probably didn't look amazing, it felt so much better and I think I was carrying my head a little higher knowing that I made it out of the house- pregnant, with a toddler, and a husband in tow- and still managed to put myself together.

How did you ladies do on day four of the challenge?  Link up or let me know in the comments below!

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  1. You are gorgeous. Are you even wearing makeup? If so it is so natural!

  2. Thank you both! The top is from Milan Maternity, and I was definitely wearing makeup!!! :)


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