Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Resolution Update!

Back in April, I mentioned that I had some "Summer Resolutions" here.  Well, summer has now turned into fall around us, and I'm ready to update on how I did!

Here were my resolutions, and my progress made:

1.  Find a safe and eco-friendly alternative to bug spray.

This one was a bit tough for us, mainly because it was so hot this summer that we didn't spend too much time outside, and when we did, there weren't many bothersome mosquitoes buzzing around.  However, I did find a bug spray this summer that I will be comfortable using this fall.

We have been using the bug repellent spray from California Baby, which is made of citronella, lemongrass, and other essential oils.  I like that this has no harsh chemicals in it, although it does say to use only as directed by a physician for children under 6 months of age.  Because this is a scent based product, it does say to apply frequently and generously, and make sure you do a gentle mist over baby's head/hair to protect them from head to toe.  I will definitely be using this when we're outside in the cooler fall days!

2. Shut off the lights more often.

I have become a master at this one.  Both DH and I are really guilty of leaving the lights on all day long, walking away from a room with lights and a fan on.  Since my post in April, I've been turning everything off as soon as I leave a room.  There is one exception, though, our laundry room/kitchen area.  I leave 1-2 lights on there when our dogs are in that area during the day or at night, because otherwise they wouldn't be able to see their food.  We need to install motion sensor lights in our laundry room :)

3.  Get a few plants to keep inside.

I'll admit, I started really, REALLY small on this one.  For mother's day, our DCP and DS made a little potted flowering plant for me, and I figured that was a great place to start.  I made myself the bargain that if I could keep that alive all summer, then I could purchase a few larger plants come the end of the year when it is cooler and the house doesn't get as much fresh air.  Well, it lived!  I think this is the first plant I haven't killed within a month of having it!  So, soon, I will be off to pick up a few more plants for around the house.

My still-living Mother's Day present :)

4. Open the windows more often.  

This one was an easy fix for me, but not so much for DH.  It was also difficult to pursue this resolution this summer, because it was just so darn hot outside that opening the windows was out of the question most days.  But, as it has gotten cooler, I've been opening our windows a ton, and actually, so has DH.  Even yesterday, he opened up a bunch of the windows without my prompting!  I'll take that as a win, for certain!

Did you make any resolutions for yourself this summer?  Did you follow through with them?

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