Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little man update- 19 months

Since I haven't done this in a little while, I thought it was time for a little man toddler update.  

He is ahead of the curve in some ways, behind the curve in others, and right on in some areas as well.  In everything that he does though, he is so perfectly and uniquely him, and we could not love him any more for it.  

The more and more time we have to spend with him, the more time I realize just how much of a dream baby he is.  DH and I have argued over discussed the nature versus nurture topic several times, and we're still not sure just how we got to this point, but he is such an amazing sleeper still!  Most nights, he goes down to bed anywhere between 7-9p, depending on what we're doing that day.  He will sleep through the night until we typically have to wake him in the morning.  I will say though, because I'm pregnant and have been a little tired lately as well, I've been letting the guy sleep so mama can sleep in.  :)  A typical morning wake time for both of us tends to be between 9-10a, although there was one day recently in which DH let him sleep until noon.  Noon!  Seriously!  He averages at least 13 hours per night, most nights being more like 14-15 hours of sleep.

And, yes, he still naps.

Most days, for us, he is down to one nap per day, but that is mainly because he wakes so late.  At daycare and on days like today where we had to get up a little earlier for an appointment, he does get two naps.  Sometimes, he will still take them both, and sleep for good chunks of time (2+ hours each at times), and sometimes he won't want the first or second nap, but we always try to offer, because he really lets us know when he is tired.

On the speech front, he is just blowing up with words, getting new words for things every week.  The last time I posted back in the beginning of the summer, these were his words: mama, dada, doggie, hi, bye, up, bubble, open, cookie, cracker, baby, nigh-nigh, octopus, duck, fish, vroom/zoom, yea, uh-oh, and boom.  Now he has added a bunch more words to that list, like: phone, good, stop, that, see, bird, car, grape, apple, banana, cup, fork, spoon, snack, choo-choo, girl, go, close, rock, no, slide, swing, water, down, eye, belly, ear, nose, button, foot, sock, toe, and many more.  He has even started pairing two words together recently, such as saying "Stop doggie!" (our pups like to whine sometimes!), "Good Girl", and "Vroom Car!"  I know there are more to add to that list, and in less than 2-3 months, he has started to pick up a TON of words.  As a speech therapist, it really melts my heart, because I can see him learning.  There are lots of times when I can tell he really wants to learn a word, and is intent on watching my lips when I make the sound/word he wants to say. He has been trying so hard to get the full word of "open", but mainly just gets the first sound or two as his meaningful unit or 'word' for open.  There are times where he will simply make the mouthshape of the O in open and he knows that I will understand what he means.  It is really sweet to watch him develop.

Motorically, right now, he just LOVES to run.  He is still figuring out his balance (as am I at times!) and has his share of tumbles, but he is starting to get it.  We also recently bought a $4 stool at Ikea and now one of his favorite things to do is use the stool to crawl up on the armchairs in our living room.  About a week after we bought the stool, he learned how to climb up on our kitchen chairs.  He now pushes the kitchen chairs to where he wants and then climbs up on them to reach things, so that's fun.  :)  He has mastered climbing up and down our very tall set of stairs up to the second floor, with a watchful eye and hand following him to be safe.  I am really happy for this milestone, as I was worried how I would manage carrying two young babes up and down the stairs by myself during the day.  Now I'll be able to carry new babe while standing in front of little man as he climbs down the stairs in the morning.  

In terms of eating and food, we are still at a similar place as the last time I posted.  He will eat just about ANY fruit, yogurt, cheese, cracker, cookie, or bread product (the huge favorites now are pancakes and waffles), but doesn't like to eat much else.  He still won't eat most types of protein/meat/beans, vegetables, pastas, soups, casseroles, etc.  Although, I will say, the other day he randomly had his first happy meal (or, really, fast food meal) ever, and to my surprise, he ate the ENTIRE thing (4 chicken nuggets, fries, and some fruit I added to the meal).  We are going to try making some healthier chicken nuggets options from frozen or scratch to see if he'll take ones that we make.

If we're talking about personality again, he is such a hoot.  He is such a happy, content little boy 90% of the time, and when he isn't happy (like when he is waiting for me to finish making him a pancake in the morning!) he tells us loud and clear.  But, really, most of the time, he just goes with the flow.  There are times when he is tired at the store where- instead of melting down- he will just put his thumb in his mouth and rest his sweet head on my shoulder, waiting for us to be finished.  He is also content to sit and play quietly by himself if there is something I need to get done.  He is SUCH a good helper.  He really has a strong drive to help me in everything I do.  In addition to running the Swiffer or vacuum (which he is getting really good at!), he loves to help me carry laundry from the dryer to the spot where I fold it, help me transfer the laundry, run the dishwasher, put away his toys, and clean up around the house.  If he sees something on the floor that he doesn't feel belongs there, he promptly brings it to me and watches for where I put it away.  He has learned how to take pieces of trash and independently put them in the trash can.  (I've only had to go back into the trash for a non-trash item maybe once, and now he brings things to me to check first!)  And then the new facial expressions!  Little man recently discovered that his eyebrows raise and has been giving us the cutest expressions.  

Currently, he also has a love for any and every pair of glasses he sees.  Sunglasses, reading glasses, glasses for general vision, you name it.  He wants to play with them.  Thankfully, we still have that pair from Target lying around that he puts on when he wants to get a good giggle!

All he needs now is his pocket protector :)
While I always look forward to what new and cool thing he'll do next, I really just LOVE this stage.  He is so sweet and helpful, but still cuddly and little.  He is independent enough that he can do some things on his own, but really continues to rely on myself and DH for the majority of things he does.  He can tell us what he needs in most cases by his words, cries, pointing, or movement, and it is so wonderful to finally know what he is thinking.  If babies stayed this way forever, I'd have a million!!!

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