Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Connect Application Review/Giveaway!

If you haven't noticed a fun, new spot that appeared recently in my sidebar, I have an awesome new sponsor:

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is a daily baby tracker that you can use from your Android, iPhone, iPad, or computer.  We used baby connect for almost the first full year with little man, to track information such as feeding, diapering, sleeping, activities (firsts), doctor's appointments, medicines, etc.  You can even add pictures!  

I am SO excited to share this application with you guys, because it is something that is really easy to use and so helpful as a new parent.  After our one-week paper tracker given to us from the hospital ran out of space, I was still trying to track everything on paper.  As a new mom, I really wanted to see everything in front of me, and our paper system just wasn't working.  I would always leave the paper downstairs, and then be making extra trips to figure out when he ate last or how long he had been sleeping.  It was an inconvenience, and as a new parent, you have to streamline your processes as much as you can.

I'm an iPhone type of girl - because of DH's nudging - so I always have my phone with me, and needed an application that could be accessed and used quickly from my phone.  Baby Connect is just that.  Here are some screen shots of the application: 

This is what the main screen looks like above.  You can click when you are feeding the baby either a bottle or breastfeeding while timing how long it takes them to finish a bottle (you can specify the amount of ounces) or the breast (you can time each side).  You can log in every time they have a wet or dirty diaper (as well as put in specifics here if you are watching for coloring - like in the beginning when you are watching the color of their stools as they finish passing meconium).  You can long in from when they start to sleep until they finish sleeping with just a quick press of a button, as well as many other factors.  My favorite part about this application is that the little panel on the bottom of the screen tells you when they last nursed, how many times they'd nursed that day, how many diapers they'd had that day, how long they'd been sleeping/how long they'd been awake, etc.  It was such a quick and easy reference to what your child has been doing, and immensely helped me clarify questions/concerns at some of our pediatrician appointments.

The above picture is just another view of how you can visualize their activities.

This picture is an Android screen-shot of how the timing page for nursing looks.

One of my most favorite things about this application is, that if you log in on the same account, multiple people/devices can input data.  When I went back to work the first few times, DH would be with little man on the weekends while I picked up extra shifts.  He was able to pop things into this app that little man was doing, and it would immediately show up as a notification (that I'd allowed) on my phone.  It was so reassuring to see that, yes, while I was away, little man did eat, sleep, and interact like he did while I was at home.  We also were lucky enough to have a friend nanny our son for the first few months of my returning to work during the week, and she was able to make a few quick clicks and I would immediately know what they were doing.  She really liked the application as well, because (in her words) it allowed her to spend less time writing about what they were doing and actually just be more present with him.  Our nanny even used the application after she had her son as well!  :)

As I mentioned, Baby Connect is available through the web (for free), through your iPhone (for $4.99), through your iPad (for $4.99) and through Android (for $4.99).  This includes unlimited number of caregivers logging information, unlimited number of events per day, and unlimited number of children allowed on the app.  We will definitely be using this for baby #2 in December!  We found it to be so useful, we did purchase apps for both DH's phone, my phone, and the iPad (for our nanny to use while we were gone).  

Definitely go ahead and try it out at the Baby Connect website for free and see if you like it, but as a perk to my readers, Baby Connect is giving away two iPhone apps and two iPad apps for free to you!  That is a total of FOUR winners for this awesome product giveaway!  Enter below to win!

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  1. I have a few questions...

    Does it work when you're not connected to internet/wifi then sync once you are? Or do you always have to be connected?

    If we want the app on each of our iphones, do each of us have to purchase or can one of us purchase then the other download the app for free using the same account (but separate iphone)?

    Just came across this app a few days ago and was wondering these things. Glad to hear you like it! :)

  2. Hey Marisa!

    It does still work when you're not connected to internet and wi-fi in terms of logging everything, but say if your SO was to be watching for everything logged, it won't show up on their screen until you're synced. When you're connected to wi-fi or internet, it automatically syncs you, so you don't have to worry about that.

    You can use the app on one phone or one iPad with multiple user names on the same account, but to each have the app on your phone, you'll each have to buy it.

    We loved the app so much that we purchased all three apps (two iPhone and one iPad) right after little man was born so myself, my H, and our nanny would have access to the app. We love it!

  3. Thanks so much for the clarification! I'm sure we'll end up purchasing the app for each device as well. :P

  4. I'd love to win it because I am an organization FREAK! I'm trying to get my hubby to be more organized before our little girl comes so something like this would be perfect to help him. It looks so user friendly. Plus, he works a lot of hours while I'll be home with her so I think it'll be nice for him to be able to see the routines and what she does/when I'm feeding her, etc! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Candy- We seriously LOVE this app. DH used it all the time, without me asking him to do so. He liked knowing and keeping track as well, it helped him remember the schedule on days when I worked weekends and he was at home with little man when he was really little!


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