Saturday, August 4, 2012

BlogHer 2013

If you're relatively newer to blogging, like I am, maybe you haven't heard of BlogHer yet.  Probably, you have already anyway.  :)

If not, BlogHer is an online community of women bloggers and each year they have a conference where women come from across the nation to celebrate blogging, network, and learn.  This year just a few of the speakers were Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, and Christy Turlington, to name a few.  So, pretty much, it's completely legit, and a really big deal.  

The yearly conference is something I would LOVE to attend next year... and I just heard it is in Chicago!  This would be so much easier for me to get to than some of the previous locations, seeing as it is really centrally located and I don't fly.  

A friend of mine recently passed along the news that BlogHer is holding a giveaway for a free ticket into the conference next year, which I read about here.  By writing this post, I am earning an entry into the sweepstakes, and could possibly win a ticket to the events.  Which would be, um, slightly more than awesome amazingness.  

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  1. Is there anything your readers can do to help you win?

  2. Thanks Liz! But it is just the blog post and my twitter mention of the giveaway that enter me in the running! Cross your fingers for me? :)


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