Friday, August 3, 2012

And the verdict is in!!!

At our anatomy scan on Tuesday, the tech told us the sex of the new baby quite a bit later than she did most of the other information.  We were able to hear all about the mass being gone before we heard what the baby was.  I was actually really nervous about whether this new baby would be a boy or a girl, but hearing the news about the mass being COMPLETELY GONE put everything else in perspective.  

By the time she told us what we were having, I was so elated that there were NO further complications and this had turned into a healthy, normal pregnancy that I'm sure I didn't seem as excited when they actually told us what it was, because- to me- that was ancillary information at that point.  Wonderful, yes, in every regard- but not as important as knowing that the pregnancy was normal again.

We're excited, can you tell?

And little man was done with the pictures :)
So, the wonderful tech strikes again!  The tech we saw at the MFM office was the same who did this baby's NT scan- and guessed that this was a girl.  She was also the tech that did little man's NT scan, and guessed correctly that he was a boy.  Either my babes are a very easy read, or she is excellent at her job.  I'm thinking the latter!

After letting it sink in for a little bit what we were having, I really started to get excited.  In the car on the way home, I started to think about all of those things that I dreamed of before we knew little man was a boy: doing hair, doing make-up, shopping together, and even the parts of my relationship with my mom that I cherish so much, like frequent chats on the phone even now.  I started to think about just how life-changing it was to have little man, and how he would have been perfect to me no matter who he was when he came out.  Then I started thinking about sweet little dresses, hair ribbons and bows, and pink- lots of pink!

By the time I got home, I had a huge grin on my face.  While I'm still really nervous about having a girl, just as I was nervous about having a boy the first time around, I know that just as I did last time, I will adjust this time.  I'll learn the minimal differences there are in the beginning, and I'll learn to parent her based on who she is as we go, just as I learned what little man needs me to do for him.  

Pretty much all we need now is that white picket fence around our house :)

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  1. Jayne, I'm so incredibly happy for you!!! That's going to be one gorgeous girl! Big hug.

  2. Congrats!! How exciting!

  3. Yay!!!!! Girls are so great. Congrats!! Dresses & bows & dainty little shoes. So excited for you guys.

  4. Yay!!!!! Girls are so great. Congrats!! Dresses & bows & dainty little shoes. So excited for you guys.

  5. Yay congrats! I'm having a girl too and it's SO FUN to buy pink little frilly things! :)

  6. white picket fence.... and a gun!! j/k Congratulations!!

  7. Congrats! Girls are so much fun. I was so excited when I found out our daughter was going to be a girl. I wanted a mini-me :) I know you will have a blast with all the pink fluffy stuff


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