Saturday, August 18, 2012

20 week bumpdate! (a little late)

We made it to 20 weeks!  Yay!!!  Here's what's going on with us lately:

Right now, as I type this, I'm 20 weeks and two days.  It will be a few days before this post comes up on the blog, so I may be a few days behind.  I'm not going to actually post my weight or weight gain like some bloggers do, because that's my business :) but I will say that it is less than I had gained with little man at 20 weeks.  

I have a ton of stretchmarks from last pregnancy, but surprisingly, they are looking more and more faded as my belly gets bigger.  I actually notice them much less on my pregnant belly than I did on my post-partum belly.

As you read previously, we officially found out that we're having a girl a week or two ago!  DH is completely overwhelmed by the amount of pink that has entered our home in that short time period, but I am getting really excited about all the adorable baby dresses and shoes that girl clothing allows for.  I didn't know what I was missing last time around dressing little man, but goodness are baby girl clothes so much cuter!!!

I have been having crazy cravings this time around.  I've actually continued to eat much more meat than I ever would my previous pregnancy or prior to being pregnant with little man.  But the random, odd cravings that hit me in the middle of the day or at night are funny.  One night recently, I REALLY wanted Doritos.  The next night I wanted DH to drive to the movie theater to get me some popcorn.  Since it was almost 10p and our local movie theater is at least a half hour drive away, he didn't go, but man the cravings have been odd!

We've been asked several times since finding out if we are having a girl what we will name her.  DH and I go back and forth on this one, because we have a terrible time agreeing on baby names.  With little man we were really undecided until very close to the end.  We know for sure that this babe's middle name is going to be Elisabeth.  We're just not sure about the first name yet.  My favorites at the moment are Ana, Anna, and Mae.  I'm sure that will change about 1,249 times before I deliver.

I am actually feeling a bit more prepared than I did a few weeks ago, thankfully to a lot of leg work on my part.  You saw my post on the JBF sale and my newly growing collection of baby girl clothing, so I'm feeling like I'll actually have something for her to wear when she gets here.  I also have been working a TON on little man's toddler room, which I will be doing a post on in the future not only to share all the projects I've been working on, but also to highlight a few of the products I've purchased for his new room.

Overall, I'm feeling MUCH better than I did during the first trimester, although my blood pressure has been pretty low lately, (I think my last check was 100/60, and the one before that was 90/60) and I've been feeling somewhat dizzy at times.  If I plan well, move slowly, and eat well, I tend to feel less of those symptoms.  I have noticed with all this heat that I've been swelling quite a bit.  At the end of the day my already cankles turn into thigh-looking-ankles.  I've also had to retire my wedding rings.  This seems so soon to me, and I'm hoping once it cools down a bit more that I will get them back on for a month or two more.

My next ultrasound with the MFM department (maybe my last with them?) will be in 6 weeks, so I will likely update again then!

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  1. Ya know, my name is Elizabeth Anne. With that said, I'm a big fan of your choices. Also, you look absolutely amazing! Pregnancy agrees with you.

  2. I like Anna best, I think it goes together really well with Bennett : ) Emma

  3. Lol @ Thankles, yes! :) And Anna is probably the front runner right now as DH is skeptical of either Ana or Mae, sadly!

  4. I'm glad you are feeling better and wow I am totally jealous of how awesome you look! Super cute top, too :)


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