Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wacky Baby Products

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While looking up all the cool, new baby products that have come on the market since I had DS, I ran across TheBump's List of Wacky Baby Products that Actually Work, which can be found here.  While, I will say, there are quite a few items that I think are wacky and either a little ridiculous (for example: the bedazzled potty in a suitcase) or a little cruel (like the 'Happy Changer' where you strap your baby into the changing table in a baby Posey vest), there were several items I'd never heard of and thought were pretty interesting.  I'll share them here.

The first product I loved was Sensible Lines Milk Trays.

While the (rather large) picture here doesn't do it the best justice, this is pretty much like an ice cube tray, but made specifically for the freezing of breastmilk.  I like this better than regular ice cube trays for several reasons, including the logistics of trying to get an ice cube into a small necked bottle to thaw doesn't always work.  These trays freeze the breast milk into one ounce sticks that almost look like pieces of chalk.  They have a lid so you can stack and store these trays, but I could see that taking up a lot of room as well.  At this point, we're still considering our options as to how to store the new baby's milk for the year or so after they are born.  Last time around, we used breastmilk storage bags, and while that worked really well for us, I'd love to have an option where I don't constantly have to throw out plastic bags when we're done with them.

The second item on their list I loved was the Ba Baby Bottle Holder from sold on the Canoe website.

While I spent almost no time bottle feeding little man, and he actually was finished with his bottles and onto a straw cup at 10 months old, this would have been a great product for him during that transition.  Little man LOVED to hold his bottles, but for a long time couldn't get the grip down right and would just end up dropping it while DH was feeding him.  He loved having the independence of being able to do it himself, even when he really couldn't yet.  This is on my wishlist for #2.

The third item I loved: Magnificent Baby Magnetic Onesies & Sleepers (Sold at

This sleeper completely settles the arguments that DH & I had over what was better- snaps or zippers?  He liked zippers because it was one quick movement and done.  I liked snaps because you could only undo half of their outfit so they stayed warm.  This thing?  Freaking genius.  It has MAGNETIC snaps.  So, basically, just pull it apart, and get it into the proximity of the right area and it goes back together after your 2,304,348,569th diaper change of the night.  No spending time fumbling in the dark with snaps or accidentally catching your little one's skin in the zipper (or making them freeze by taking their whole outfit off).  This is a huge win for night time diaper changes.

Runner up from the list?  Crawlings Baby Knee Pads.

These are adorable, and will protect little one's knees when they are first starting to crawl around the house.  I listed this as a runner up because, while not as cute (sorry, Baz!), one of my friends came up with a genius option to save money and made her own from a little bit of elastic and some reusable nursing bra pads that she was no longer using.  Much cheaper and serves the same purpose, right?

Have you guys seen any new or interesting baby products that you'd love to have for the next (or first) baby?  I'd love to hear your ideas/thoughts!

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  1. The Windi is going to be on my wishlist for #2. It's the thing that helps them pass gas. It's made by the same company that makes the NoseFrieda, so it must be awesome!!

    I would love to know how those sleepers are in practice. They seem like a great idea. And for the record, I'm with your H on this one - zippers are where it's at!

  2. A noye about the breast milk trays... I have them and would reccommend them for use in addition to the bags. When you're freezing the milk, you may not know what size bottle/serving baby will need when you actually use the frozen milk. Having some 1oz cubes allows you to adjust as needed. So if I have a bag of 4 oz, but baby is eating 5, I'll throw in one cube instead of thawing another bag.


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