Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pregnancy progression- little man

After posting my bump pictures from the other day (here), I started looking through some of my pregnancy photos with little man, and I thought I'd share to compare.

I've compared his pregnancy to this pregnancy several times, and while it is different, it has been somewhat similar.  There were several scares in the beginning (albeit not as significant as with this pregnancy) when I found out I had a partial placenta previa due to some frightening symptoms, but after that worked itself out, the rest of the pregnancy was very enjoyable.  I was so happy and excited to have him, and really did like being pregnant!

I do feel like the first time around, I was much more unsure than I am this time around.  I know that every twinge, every slight rumble in my belly was a reason to pause.  This time around, that isn't quite possible, obviously with a toddler running around.  While I still feel like 9 months is such a long time, even the first few months have just flashed by at warp speed.  

I'm not sure if my dates for these pictures will be right on, and some of you have seen these before, but for all of my new followers on the blog, here is a picture progression of my pregnancy with the little man I love so much!

4 weeks, the day I found out I was pregnant.

11 weeks, with a bloat baby :)
19 weeks- visiting Amish country.  Don't worry, my house doesn't look like that ;)
25 weeks
34 weeks.  Okay, so maybe I'm not so huge at 14 weeks now...
37 weeks, right around the part where my face blew up.

I think this was somewhere around a week or so before I delivered, so 38+ weeks?

I know this time around, while I want this new babe to stay in and stay put as long as they need to, to grow and be ready for the big world out here, I do have a different feeling.  I am so stinking excited to hold this baby for the first time, to see their little face, to hold their little hands.  I think back to the moment when I met little man and the tears well up just thinking about it.  That was the single best moment of my life, and I cannot help but be helplessly, anxiously awaiting that day where I get to experience that all over again.  I'm not usually all puppies and rainbows about everything, but pregnancy and birth are different.  There is so much joy to be had, there is so much love to be felt.  I know that I love this new child already, but I so look forward to the day in which I'll be able to hold their little body in my arms, not just in my body.


On another, random note, we looked through our finances again (as well as this week I picked up about 5 more weekend shifts) and we realized we'd be able to swing it this month to buy a camera!!!  So I promise soon my pictures will not be so blurry!  (I need to just run the old pictures through instagram and pretend I meant it that way, right?)

And one more note, thanks for all the love in the past few days, the blog pageviews have been out of control high!  I really, really appreciate all of you coming back to see what's new around here!

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  1. So cute! I can't wait to see your bump this time around!

  2. You should do a post near the end of your pregnancy with 1st and 2nd baby bump pictures side by side.


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