Sunday, July 15, 2012

New affiliate- Comfy Joey Ring Slings

Most of you know by now that I babywear.  Little man loves it, and still wants to be close to me even now that he is a big little man toddler, even though sometimes wants to do everything himself.  I've previously talked about babywearing a little bit here, where I go into kind of a babywearing 101 for beginners.  

In that post, I'm not shy about how I.LOVE.COMFY.JOEY ring slings!  Here are a few pictures of me & little man hanging out with our sling:

At a baby shower

At the zoo
On a fall day, snuggled up together

My Comfy Joey ring sling is my absolute favorite, for a number of reasons.  I initially wanted one for quick trips, because it takes me a while to get little man either in the Ergo, or at that time, into the Moby wrap.  I needed something that was really easy to pop him in, go, and then pop him out when needed.

My 'Maui Sea Glass' colored linen ring sling has done just that.  It is SO easy and quick.  This is the perfect way to wear your baby, especially on those days when it is raining outside, snowing outside, or is just really bad weather.  I will often get little man out of his car seat directly into the sling, and then have the long piece of fabric left hanging to cover his head with when it is raining.  Then I can make a dash for the store or business I am entering.  No need to stand out in the rain unloading a stroller, snapping him into the seatbelts of the stroller, or splashing the whole thing through the puddles slowly on the way in.  I can even make it quicker by already putting the sling on before I get out of the car.  

But do I only wear this for quick trips?  Nope.  I wear it all the time.  To the grocery, to the park, to the zoo, pretty much anywhere we can go as a family or just little man and I, the sling comes with us.  And actually, now that I am pregnant, it is what I wear little man in 99% of the time right now, because it is the only babywearing device I have that is still comfortable yet so, so easy.  My wrap takes forever to put on, although I do love the rucksack carry, but in a quick pinch, it takes just too much time.  The Ergo, which I so wanted to wear throughout pregnancy, hits me at the wrong spot and the waist band rides up around my not-terribly-huge-yet belly and lands in a place that is uncomfortable.

This is one piece of baby merchandise that I will not only be a cheerleader for, but I will tell you that it is 100% worth what we spent on it, in terms of how much we've used it.  And, if you decide this is something you'd like to purchase, as a new Comfy Joey Affiliate, I am now eligible to earn 15% of each sale that is made- from someone clicking my sidebar link or clicking the picture links here when you purchase a sling- in merchandise credit.  So, help a mama out who really wants a water sling! :)

Here are some pictures of slings from Comfy Joey, if you click the pictures, it will take you to the site through my affiliate ID to check out their awesome slings!  Happy shopping!

Comfy Joey Ring Slings

Comfy Joey Ring Slings

Comfy Joey Ring Slings

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  1. I really want to get a sling for when our little one arrives so I'll have to look at these and see if they're available in the UK.

  2. I know we don't have kids yet, but I have a question about the position that the kids sit in on your body. With their weight mostly to the front and side, does your back ever hurt from it?

  3. @ Tricia- his weight is actually more evenly distributed than it looks. His bum kind of rests in the curve of my waist, so some of the weight actually does rest there. The rest does evenly spread over the shoulder and across the back. To make it more comfortable, you can fan out the top rail next to the rings wider, and it spreads the weight over a larger area.

    I believe the recommendation is, if you wear your baby frequently, to switch sides so that you are putting weight on both shoulders, but I've never had either back or shoulder pain from the sling if I'm wearing it correctly (there's one or two times I needed to readjust it but it was such a quick trip that I just ran in anyway, and that was a bit irritating on my shoulder), so I don't typically switch sides. I'm also pretty much incapable of doing things with my left hand, and if I wear him to my right side all I have is my left hand available :)

    I have had almost no pain or soreness from either the Moby wrap, a woven wrap, or the sling. The Ergo, for whatever reason, while SUPER comfortable when I am not pregnant, took a while to get used to for me.

    When you wear your baby, it really is a personal thing, you have to find what method works the best for you. I'm always available when you're ready to bring a few carriers/wraps/slings/etc. back to town to let you try out!

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  5. Thank you so much!! I would love to try those out. We are looking to have kids in the next year and a half to two years so I am just trying to get prepared with all of the things there are to know.
    We are just trying to wait til Shay is closer to becoming a journeyman pipefitter since he switched careers and get our ducks in a row.


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