Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introducing: Fishy Bob

We obviously let little man name the fish.  The first time we asked, it sounded like he said fishy.  We asked one more time, and it sounded like he said Bob.  So, here is Fishy Bob!

I was, to say the least, a little bit nervous when we brought him home.  After letting the bag he came in sit in the tank for a few minutes to let the water temperature equalize, we let him into the water.  He immediately began to side swim or sink down to the floor of the tank and sit there.

That didn't look very good to me.

However, one of our family friends who has a ton of fish, warned us to not count him out yet.  She said that initially some fish do just hunker down toward the bottom of the tank while they are trying to adjust to their new environment and deal with all the changes that are happening to them.  

We were instructed to wait to feed him until the next day, because he had already been fed at the pet store.  When that time came, DH completely schooled me in all the new knowledge the 12 year old salesgirl had imparted to him, including the fact that a fish's stomach is only roughly the size of his eyeball, and that I was putting WAY too much food into the tank.  So, I used less of a heavy hand and fed the fish.  To my surprise, he actually came up and ate!

After he ate for the first time, Bob seemed to really perk up, and now spends his days swimming around happily back and forth, around the cars in the tank, between the plants, and under the rock structure.  We continue to feed him one time per day, and from what DH says, he is going to be cycling out 25% of the water in the tank every certain number of days.  (Every 30 days?  I can't remember.  I honestly try to pay attention, but if it's something I know DH is going to do, my filter goes on and I miss most of it...Lord help me if I am ever without my husband, I'd need a tutorial on life.)

So far, despite his high maintenance entrance into our family, I have to say, he is the perfect pet.  He's quiet, doesn't need to go out to pee, and doesn't shed all over my kitchen floor!  (Sorry, Nani, you know I still love you, but all the hair.....!)  Welcome to our family, Fishy Bob!

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