Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All I want for Christmas is you.

Okay, I'm going to admit it into the mic.  I am a little embarrassed by this, but I figure at some point, sooner or later, someone is going to catch me, so I may as well out myself now.

I've been listening to my Christmas music station on Pandora all.the.time the past few weeks.  I know that it is July, and around here, temperatures have been in the 90's and over 100 degrees frequently lately.  I could pretend I'm just celebrating Christmas in July, but really, I've been doing this for the past few weeks.

Listening to holiday music on the radio is making me feel so connected to this baby.  My due date for the new baby is December 28th, and if history repeats itself with my body going into labor a week before my due date, I very well could have a baby close to or on Christmas.  I have been listening to my favorite holiday music- some of the classics, Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, and yes, even a little Hanson and N*Sync (please erase from your memory that I just admitted that part!), and hearing all those melodies and words that make me feel so warm that time of year just keeps bringing me back to what it will be like to hold this new baby in my arms.  

A Christmas picture from last year, 2011.

When I have told people my due date, several have asked me what I am going to do about celebrating the holidays.  But, to be totally honest, the only holiday that concerns me is THIS Christmas, and how I will still be able to celebrate with little man while having this new baby.  As is probably the case with every other second time mama, I just want to make sure my baby (my first baby!) is taken care of and feels loved through that special season, even if I am not able to 100% be able to provide that support, love, and caring.  Every other Christmas following, I am not the least concerned about.  We don't make a huge deal of presents for holidays anyway, so it's not like our child is going to feel jilted.  I also thought it would be a great plan to have joint birthday parties with this baby and little man in mid January, after the holidays are over, as little man's birthday is in the very beginning of February.  I want each child to feel special on their own birthday, and we will do special things for them on that day, but I also want them to learn to share and to feel happy celebrating WITH their sibling and family instead of expecting to be celebrated BY their sibling and family.  

Little man and his squishy baby self loving playing with the Christmas lights.

I know that everyone talks about making sure their holiday child's birthday is 'separate' from Christmas, but I wonder why.  I'd love to teach this baby to look at every red and green decoration as not only a celebration of the joy of Christmas, but also as a reminder of the joy and love they brought to our lives in that special time of year.  I can honestly say I'll never look at Christmas again the same after this, because from now until forever I am going to associate those songs, those decorations, those colors, that feeling of warmth, with the happiness, excitement, and elation of bringing this child into our lives.  I want my child to feel the same love when they see those trees, the twinkling lights, and listen to those old tunes.  

Pregnant with little man, December of 2010.

Are any of you a holiday babe or have children born around the holidays?  How do you help them to feel special on their birthday?  Have you had any great or bad experiences with you or your child's holiday birthday?

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  1. My oldest's birthday is New Year's Eve. He loves it. We do a small birthday party on his birthday and he always gets fireworks, then he gets to have a party with friends either mid December or mid January. It is easier to get friends to come in mid Dec or Jan too, since they should be in town.

  2. I'm on your BMB board :)
    I just posted on my anniversary board how I've been listening to Christmas music. Something I would NEVER do in July before. But knowing that I will have a baby during that season brings a whole new meaning to the music. :)


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