Sunday, July 1, 2012

14 week bumpdate link-up!

Because I'm not very consistent about updating new baby information now that some of the initial craziness (see my blog posts from the entire month of May if you're new here, starting with this post and with the next 5ish following) of this pregnancy has subsided a little bit, I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky once per month for my bump-update, or bumpdate!  

Here's my nice 14 week update picture.

Thankfully, I am out of the first trimester and feeling MUCH better!  I haven't thrown up in a few weeks and am actually starting to get (a little!) energy back.

(Um, after writing this post last night, I woke up this morning and threw up again.  At 14 weeks.  Really?  I blame DH because he made smelly eggs but didn't make any for me!)

  I've been up several times per night to pee already, so that makes me more tired, but overall I'm feeling pretty good.  I've had a few flutters that I keep telling myself are gas related, only because I feel a little crazy saying I am possibly feeling the baby already at 14 weeks!  (Is that crazy?  Has anyone else felt a second+ baby this early?  I didn't feel little man move until 19 weeks.)  

And here is me realizing all of a sudden I am huge.  Am I going to birth the Twilight baby?  Yikes!
 As for cravings, I have really been into sub sandwiches (typically veggie and a few BLTs thrown in, there goes that meat thing again!) and salty foods.  I don't know why, but the past few weeks Cheez-its have sounded wonderful, even though I know they are not the best for you.  I've been feeling pretty dizzy in the mornings still until I get some sort of protein, so I've also been eating more eggs than I typically would.  Otherwise, I've still been needing to lay down in random places until the dizziness passes, and that is kind of embarrassing to do in public.  

Which brings me to my next thought- this pregnancy is so similar to little man, but completely different.  I know I had nausea and fatigue last time as well, but this time I've had so much dizziness and many migraines.  The migraines are very much not a fun time.  For a few weeks, I was getting one per week.  It seems to be somewhat less now that I am no longer on progesterone supplements, but I don't know if that makes a difference in the migraines or not?

I also had my first real appointment with my new Ob last week.  While I was filling out the new Ob paperwork- it asked if I ever snissed myself.  I laughed a little and put "Not yet this time around" or something like that :)  Then, it asked if I was related to my husband.  At first, I thought, well yes, we're related by marriage, he is my husband- and then I realized I'm slow and what they meant was related incest-wise and had to wonder if these types of questions are only asked in Indiana!

Since none of my appointments have been normal so far, I hadn't done any of the typical pregnancy testing they normally do, like a pap, blood testing, or even the doppler yet.  I was able to have all of those done, as well as have my blood pressure and various other lady items checked.

My new Ob seems really natural friendly and didn't seem fazed at all by everything that had gone on so far in this pregnancy.  We talked more about little man's birth and she seemed to be really positive for trying an intervention free birth for this little one like the plan was for little man.  At one point, she asked if my birth was less than what I wanted it to be, because of having pitocin and the epidural last time, and seemed surprised by my answer.  I told her that while it wasn't what I had initially wanted, I was still able to vaginally deliver my child, still able to hold him close to me in those moments after his birth- still able to have time to just sit and bond and see him and fall in love in those moments.  No, it wasn't what I had hoped for initially, but was I disappointed by his birth?  Absolutely not, it was the most beautiful moment I've ever had in my life!

I am looking forward to my next bumpdate, because it will be only a few days after not only my next Ob appointment, but also my anatomy scan back at Maternal Fetal Medicine.  So, in just about a month from now, I'll have an update on the sex of the new baby!  

Anyone want to guess what we're having?  (I have not done any of the old wives tale tests, but wouldn't be opposed to trying some out for the blog!)

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  1. I'm so happy for you Jayne, and you're looking amazing!!

  2. Adorable! So glad things are finally more boring. :)

  3. You are seriously the cutest!

    Its wrong to want to rub your belly right?

  4. Thanks ladies! @ Bethy, yes, me too! :)

    And Nicole, you can rub my tums anytime you want, but that means you have to come to hang out with me down here!

  5. Happy things are going well for you! We just recently made a doctor change also, and I think it's going to end up being a great decision, my new midwife seems much more open to natural options than the previous.

  6. I felt both of my kids at 14 weeks. :) It's totally possible.

  7. I felt the baby that I am caring now a lot sooner than my first daughter. I didn't feel her until about 22 weeks and this time around it was more like 16 or 17 weeks and it was even more than just flutters.

  8. Yea for second trimester! You are lucky. I'm pregnant with my second and almost 23 weeks and still have not felt any baby movement yet. I know that baby is in there somewhere :) I stopped by and now following you from Growing Up Geeky's Baby Bump link

  9. Awe your belly is so cute! I'm excited to follow you along your second pregnancy journey (:


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