Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Child of Mine,

If I could have dreamed up the sweetest, most adorable, most awesome baby, you would still be better.  How is it that you are so darn cute?  

Today, little man, who is usually pretty cute and funny, was just adorable, and I'm so spewing with mama love, I need to share :)  We were at home today, and didn't really have a whole lot to do, other than billions of loads of laundry and a little playing outside.  

For part of the morning, he spent his time walking back and forth between our living room and our laundry room, which isn't abnormal.  However, somehow he convinced Nani, one of our dogs, to follow him back and forth.  He would start walking toward the laundry room, get halfway there, and then stop and turn around.  If she wasn't following yet, he would mumble something in baby talk and she would promptly jump up and run after him.  I'm pretty sure she followed him back and forth with him talking to her the whole way there for about 25 minutes at one point today.

Then, he decided it would be fun to come help me with the laundry.

Mainly he just liked crawling into the laundry bucket and giggling like crazy.  

But he also realized a fun new game with Nani that if she sat on one side of the bucket, and he sat in the bucket, he could talk to her through the slats in the bucket.  Too cute, I should have taken some video :)

After his nap, he was so funny.  I had just changed his diaper and brought him downstairs when I thought I caught a whiff of him needing another diaper change.  Since I literally had just changed him a few minutes before, I pulled back the back of his shorts and diaper to check before I took him all the way back upstairs again.  False alarm, okay fine.  I go back to folding and he goes back to running around the kitchen with his walker toy.  A few minutes later he is right up behind me, I thought he was going to give me a hug, because he's been doing that a lot lately, where he sneak attack hugs me, but nope, he was pulling on the back of my pants.  I then was thinking, okay, he's pulling on me because he wants to play.  So, I put the laundry down, turned around, and started talking to him.  Nope, he walked right back around to the back of my pants and pulled on them and peered in.  Lol, he was 'checking' me to see if I needed a change.  

Later tonight, as I got him out of the bathtub, he got a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and then saw me in the mirror.  He immediately starting saying, 'Mama, mama, mama!'  When I tried to put him down on his towel to get a diaper on him, he just stood right back up and tried to look over the counter.  I picked him back up and let him look in the mirror and he spent about 5 minutes just looking at me in the mirror, and then turning and looking at my face, saying, 'Mama!' and then looking back at me in the mirror and smiling.  So stinking cute.

I don't know what I did right to deserve this child, but seriously, he is so awesome.

♥ the naptown organizer

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  1. Loved reading this story.....so glad that Nani is happy to play games with Ben.

  2. Precious! What a sweet little guy!


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