Saturday, May 19, 2012


A few weeks ago, I posted a few of my views on the maternity coverage in the United States here.  Ever since then, especially with my more recent pregnancy news, I've been thinking quite a bit about how terrible our benefits are here as women and mothers, and have been wanting to do something more.  A few days ago, I discovered MomsRising.  It is a great site and a great cause for mothers, women, men, and anyone who really cares about the rights women have in our country.

MomsRising's slogan is 'Where moms and people who love them go to change our world.'  They stand for each woman having an impact and becoming a powerful force together.  Some of the issues that they stand for are as follows:

Maternity & Paternity Leave
Open Flexible Work
Health Care for All
Early Care & Education
Realistic & Fair Wages
Sick Days, Paid

You can read more about the issues they stand for and fight for here.

I was made aware of this group by a friend who had passed along this letter to electronically sign and send in to Time magazine.  If you've hid under a rock lately and haven't heard the controversy regarding Time's magazine cover of a mother breastfeeding her three year old, check out your news sources, because it will be easy to find.  Anyway, so MomsRising basically wrote up a letter to Time magazine that they are asking women to sign and they send it in.  Their request was this:

Together, let’s send TIME Magazine a strong message:“Enough with the false, outdated mommy wars.  It’s time to cover the real issues that face mothers and families now across the nation every day.” 

I think this message is SO important to pass along, and I hope you do too.  Please check out the site, sign the letter forward, or take some time to see how you can help fight this battle that benefits us all.

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