Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Last year was my first official year as a mother on Mother's Day.  But, at that point, when little man was only three months old, I think I was still figuring out what the heck it even meant to be a mother.  This past year has been filled with so much love and so much joy from this little child I was given shortly over a year ago, I am so lucky to be his mama.  Thankfully, I've always had a really strong role model to follow.  My mother has been not only a constant source of stability, patience, generosity, and most of all love for me, but she is also one of my very best friends.  If we don't speak every day or at least every other day, one of us is calling and saying, "I miss you!  What have you been doing?"  She set aside her career when my sister and I were younger to stay at home with us, and devoted her life to our care.  As little man and the squishy babies inside right now are the only creatures who know my heart's beat from the inside, my connection with my mother is strong and unbreakable as well.  She is my friend, my supporter, my comfort, and to me, she is the best mother I could ever have been given.

I was lucky enough to spend the day today with both of my wonderful parents, my husband, and my son.  My husband and parents let me sleep in until after ten this morning which was amazing to say the least, and then off we went to have breakfast for lunch at a restaurant that is probably going to become more of a Sunday ritual.  I could not have asked for a better day spent with better people!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!

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  1. And you have given me such happiness as well...."I love you of the world"


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