Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Early Pregnancy Symptoms- a 7.5 week update

I've been a little bit hesitant to begin writing about this pregnancy other than announcing that it is still happening. I think that I am still holding on to some of that fear from being told this baby/babies would not be coming home with me.  But, in saying that, I think the more open I am about things, the better I'm going to feel.  I'm already invested in this child/these children, and writing a few more posts about it/them isn't going to change how much I care for them if in fact something does happen where this pregnancy ends.

I've been comparing a lot about this pregnancy to little man's, as I'm sure every second time mom does.  Some things have been right on track normal, just like I had last time around.  Some things are totally new.  And some of the symptoms I've been having are surprising the heck out of me.  So, at 7 and a half weeks, I figured I'd do a check in, but slightly less formal than some that other bloggers do, because I find that most of the questions in those pregnancy check-ins don't apply your whole pregnancy, and then you are constantly typing not applicable when you could just address the symptoms you are having.

Let's start with the lovely morning sickness.  It came early and often with little man, and it made it's debut with this pregnancy right on time as well.  I had pretty significant morning sickness to which I was on medication for it last time around, and I was hoping for a reprieve this time.  The doctor did order the same medication for me this time as last time, but in a new 'gold standard for morning sickness' version of a dissolving tab instead of in pill form.  This new tab is supposed to help you ingest the medicine without having to swallow the pill, thus saving yourself from throwing up trying to take the pill.  I have taken this exactly three times, and thrown up immediately after on two occasions.  After that, I just have been bearing with the symptoms.  Once it hits about 2:00 in the afternoon, I do start to feel a little better and I get a second wind for the afternoon, which actually works out really well, because that tends to be little man's most active time of the day, so we get to play as usual.  The morning sickness actually hasn't been as bad as last time in that, this time, I'm somewhat thankful for the symptoms.  Every time I throw up, sadly, it is kind of a peaceful confirmation that everything is still working right and my body is doing just what it should be.  I think that when the end of the first trimester hits and these symptoms go away, I will be left worrying more if everything is progressing the way it should.

The fatigue has also hit at this point.  There are some moments where I honestly just lose all energy and have no motivation to do anything but sleep.  I don't know if it is necessarily worse this time around, or if it just seems worse because I can't just lay down when I want to.  I have been trying to take more naps during the day, and I keep telling myself I will sleep when little man naps (especially since he has been doing an excellent job napping for me at home lately, he is cutting several teeth at once and it seems like he needs extra sleep around teething time because he needs to recuperate), but it is just hard to not look at the laundry piling up or the ironing needing to be done, etc. to justify needing a nap that badly.

I have also had some very odd, weird cravings for who I am this time around.  Last time, with little man, I really just craved things like peanut butter and hummus- probably because of the protein?  Yesterday, I was making turkey hamburgers for DH on the grill for dinner, and I was literally salivating at the smell.  I have NO clue what it was about turkey hamburger meat, but that is actually the second time that has happened to me since I found out I was pregnant.  As most of you already know, I'm not a big fan of meat.  Not at all.  Last pregnancy with little man, I thought that I would be craving stuff like that, because they always tell you that you crave things opposite of what you normally would like.  But with little man, I never wanted meat, and in fact, sometimes the sight or smell of it would make me even sicker.  This time?  Totally different.  I actually went to the fridge this morning thinking the whole way down the stairs, "I hope DH didn't eat that last burger!"  And thankfully, he hadn't.  :)  I don't think I've had cravings for anything else out of the norm yet, but turkey hamburgers and this turkey meatloaf recipe from Cooking Off the Beaten Path (with a few changes, as I take out the stuffing mix and add bread crumbs, and take out the mushrooms and chili sauce) have been seriously a drool-worthy item around here lately.  

As for the serious stuff, I've still been talking to both babies every day, and preparing myself mentally for whichever way this is going to go.  My repeat ultrasound is in a week from today, so I'll have more updates at that time.

*Edited to add- Dang it, now I want another turkey burger...!


  1. If you start craving red meat I will be shocked!

  2. oh yeah, that was mom posting

  3. Is turkey considered red meat? Or is it white because it comes from poultry? I don't understand these things about meat. I feel like turkey looks more red than white, but lamb is white and it's not poultry....? Geez.

  4. They really crave for something they really want. They will be sensitive from the food they eat and the odor they smell.

  5. Till the last min. I think early pregnancy is pregnancy at therir young age. Now i cleraly know about what is early preganancy? thanks...


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