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Review & Giveaway: BumGenius Freetime AIO OS Diaper

Before I get into the basics of cloth diapering, what we do currently, and the accessories we use, I want to start off this week with a diaper review and open up the giveaway at the end of this post.  The giveaway should be open through the end of the weekend, so get your entries in!  Now onto the review!

I first learned about Jack Be Natural, a family run business specializing in natural baby/family/and home care products from a friend who ordered all of her cloth diapers there.  After one order with the site, I was smitten.  Fast, free shipping, along with a 'Jack's Napsack' reusable bag if requested free on every order and excellent customer service.  They also offer a rewards program in which a portion of the total you spend is returned to you in 'Jack's Cash' and redeemable on a future order.  So when they sent me a bumGenius Freetime all-in-one one size diaper, I was really excited to review it for them and happy to test it out on little man.

We have only ever used AI2's (with a brand that ended up not fitting DS well and we had leak problems) and our current stash of pocket diapers (which I'll go into further in another post this week).  I had never tried an all-in-one (AIO) and was excited at the prospect of not having to spend the time stuffing this diaper.  We received the 'Moonbeam' color as you can see below.

I prefer the aplix/hook and loop/velcro style of diaper closures, only because I have a very wiggly little man who doesn't want to sit still sometimes during diaper changes.  They also offer the snap style closure if you like that better, or if your child has figured out how to undo the velcro and leave their diaper behind somewhere :)

The diaper opens up fully to hold two long pieces of fabric or layers of absorbency.  One side is sueded fabric that is soft enough to sit against your little one's bottom.  One the other side (the underside of the inserts) is microfiber for absorbency.

Here's what the diaper looks like with the two layers of fabric pulled out.  For CD newbies, the layers provide better absorbency for your child's messes, but the ability to fold out makes sure that all the layers in the diaper get completely clean and completely dry prior to using it again on your child.

Here is one more view, with the aplix attached to the laundry tabs in the back of the diaper.  This is so you don't end up with a diaper train (one diaper velcro'ed to the next, to the next, and so on, until all your diapers are connected in one big train when you take them out of the wash/dryer).

Here is a picture of my happy little man (who also doesn't like to sit still for any pictures) wearing the BG Freetime while playing with one of his hand-me-down toys.  (Sidenote, if you don't have this truck, I'd highly recommend it, he LOVES pushing the horn and back up buttons over and over.  Although as I mentioned it is a hand me down, so I don't know what retailer it came from)

What I liked about this diaper:
I really, really liked not having to stuff it before use or pull out the inserts after use like I do with my pocket diapers now.  When DS had soiled this diaper, it was rinsed and then thrown straight into the wetbag to go into the wash, no need to pull out the inserts.  I also loved how trim it was.  Normally we have to go up at least 1-2 sizes in bottoms because of using our Kawaii pocket diapers double stuffed.  The BG Freetime seemed to provide just as good absorbency over the same period of time, but was a much slimmer diaper.  The diaper went on and off very easily, and washed very easily.  There was no searching for the insert in the wash when I went to use it again, just flip the inserts into the diaper and go.  

What I disliked about this diaper:
It was somewhat more difficult to remove the solid matter from the diaper, only because of more layers and not just one smooth surface like my pockets, if that makes any sense.

Overall?  I love the diaper.  It would be a great daily use diaper, and really easy for a caregiver to use when we are not with DS.  The only thing that is holding me back from adding a ton of these to my stash is the price.  Comparatively, to other AIO's like Kissaluvs, Thirsties, and GroVias, the bumGenius freetime is right in line, costing around $20 per diaper.  However, I am used to buying my KaWaii pocket diapers for less than $10 each, so I could get two diapers for the price of just one BG Freetime.  But, in the future, I wouldn't mind slowly adding a few of these to our stash because of how easy they were to use/wash.  And little man seems happy enough to wear them!

So here's the fun part for you, the Giveaway!!!!  Jack Be Natural was so awesome to not only give me a diaper to review, but they want to give you a bumGenius Freetime AIO OS diaper as well!  There are two mandatory entries, after which you will have additional entries available.

If you are unsure how to enter, or have never entered a Rafflecopter giveaway before, go ahead and comment on this post and I will help you out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Jack Be Natural  has also given me a discount code if you'd like to head on over to their site and peruse their wares.  The code is JACK10 (case sensitive) and is valid once per customer for 10% off your order.  There are some brands they are not allowed to discount, per manufacturer rules.  Also, as I mentioned before, with their Jack's Cash program, you receive $1 back for every $15 you spend.  So, check out the site!


  1. So what I'm wondering about is dry time. Clearly, they've updated their AIO to this style to combat the number one complaint about the previous style, which is that they take sooooo looooong to dry. Having the sort of flaps seems like they might dry a little quicker than the old kind. Since you don't really have any experience washing the old ones, I wonder if your readers can weigh in on that?

    Or did you notice any difference in dry time vs. pockets?

  2. I've been wanting to try a Freetime, since my husband won't use the fitteds, and I'm not a fan of stuffing pockets every day. I wonder how that would weigh against the ease (or lack thereof) of poo removal?

  3. I have 1 freetime and so far I really like it. It does take a long time to line dry but it works by itself as a night time diper and I think that is awesome!

  4. PJ mama-I didn't notice any longer drying time than it took for my KaWaii overnight inserts, which were in the same load. Although I didn't time it, and have a newer dryer that keeps drying until it senses the load is dry. I'll have to try and time it next wash through. Viking- Again my washer & dryer are pretty new, so I've put some diapers in that probably haven't been sufficiently rinsed, and it always does a good job of keeping them clean. So I don't fret a lot about the poo, I just try to get the larger chunks out (to be a bit open about the poo subject!). I still think it probably took less time to rinse the diaper than it would to stuff a diaper.

  5. i would love the love lace or albert print

  6. Jack ships fast, Jack ships FREE! What's not to love about that! bumGenius rocks because out of all my diapers, they are the ones that still look new.

  7. I love that JBN has free shipping!!!

  8. I'm really excited about the AIO, I have some BG 4.0s and would love to add this one to my stash!

  9. I have a couple Bum Genius 3.0's that I LOVE. The fit with them is great on my LO. Mine are Aplix, so I can get them nice and snug!

  10. I love JBN for their great customer service and freeshipping. I love the Freetime because you do not have to stuff it!

    debnmike moretti

  11. I am due in August and have been slowly building my stash. I would love to add some AIO diapers to the mix and so far BG seems to get great reviews from everyone.

  12. I love Jacks web page! We have the KaWaiis from there when we started cloth diapering and the overnight absorbancy is wonderful. I have a regular dryer and I run the load of diapers thru 2 times on the low setting so I don't melt liners as I read somewhere that can happen so ours takes about an hour to be completely dry with the 2 cycles.

  13. I would love to win a OS Freetime in Albert print! they are SO hard to find!!!!

  14. I love the great fit and use of our bumgenius dipes.

  15. I love the Albert design. So cute!

  16. Sorry I missed your bumgenius give away. I am just beginning to use cloth diapers and have read great reviews on the bumgenius products. My LO is a wiggler too so it is good to hear your thoughts! Great review!


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