Friday, April 13, 2012

How We Cloth Diaper Currently

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As I mentioned previously in this post, we use Kawaii brand cloth diapers currently.  As I love these diapers so much because of their low cost and ease of use, I thought I'd share a little more as to why.  For some reason when I was taking these pictures, the light in my kitchen seemed to make parts of these diapers look blue-ish, but rest assured that is just my user error in taking good pictures, even after consistent use, these diapers come out of the dryer feeling soft and looking fresh and white for me.  The diaper you see below is one of our overnight heavy wetter KaWaii Baby pocket diapers in the size that little man uses right now.

If you were to have a smaller baby, this diaper is a one size, so you can compress the size down greatly by snapping the front snaps together to decrease the size.

This is the inside of the diaper, with the pocket filled with two inserts.

To break it down even further, this is what the pocket actually looks like.

And these are the inserts that you stuff into the pocket, made out of microfiber.

This is the diaper partially stuffed.

After use, I do drop any solid bits straight into the toilet and flush that down.  Then the diapers go into a wet bag to wait to be washed.  To wash, all you do is pull out the inserts, and then you throw the whole diaper into the wash.  My favorite site with cloth diaper friendly detergents is here.  I use the 'heavy soil' button on our washer with an extra rinse, on the warm cycle.  For REALLY soiled diapers, I will run a soak or a rinse/drain cycle on our washer first, and then the regular wash.  To dry, I throw both the liners and the covers into the dryer, although if you had more time or more diapers, you could always line dry, I'm sure.

That's it.  Easy peesy.  

What is your CD wash routine?


  1. What type of those detergents do you use/prefer?

  2. What type of those detergents do you use/prefer?

  3. Hey Judi! From that list, I've used Sun & Earth laundry detergent (I was using that for all of our clothes as well prior to having little man) and it worked well for us. I've also used a few detergents from CD brands/stores, such as Tiny Bubbles (samples were sent with my GroVia diapers we had initially) and Crunchy Clean from, which we are still using currently. I haven't liked any one better than the other, I think they all cleaned the diapers and worked well for what they needed to do.


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