Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reusable paper towels

Today on pinterest, I found an awesome idea for reusable paper towels pinned from a friend.  We've been looking for something to replace paper towels in my kitchen for a while.  I've switched to only using cloth towels and cloth wash-rags, and that seems to work just fine for myself, but DH has made several comments that he misses having paper towels in the kitchen and wants to buy more.  

So when I found mamamade's reusable cloth 'paper towels' today on Etsy via pinterest, I was pretty excited.  She offers a roll of 15 cloth towels that snap together and stay on your normal paper towel roll.  As you need one, just unsnap and pull one off the roll.  She also offers wetbags with snaps to hang on your oven or dishwasher handle to hold all the washcloths/paper towels until they are ready to be washed.

I already throw in towels and dishcloths, so this is an easy addition.  When you're done with the wetbag, you can throw the bag in the wash, too.  Easy, simple, brilliant.  Love this idea, and I can't wait to get some for our house.

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