Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It smells good in here!

Back to a more lighthearted post today (but thank you for the love yesterday friends!), I thought I'd talk a little more about my new love for homemade air fresheners.

So, as pretty much all of you know, I'm neither inventive, nor crafty, so when I have a problem and get stumped, I take it to the web and ask Dr. Google.  For the past year or two, I haven't used any perfume, home air fresheners, and have really significantly cut down my use of burning candles.  I still have a few candles around the house, but they are mostly just to look pretty at this time.  In place of perfume, I use this perfume oil blend of organic jojoba oil and essential oils (mint, pink grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, and lemongrass, to be specific), which has just a light, sweet scent that I love.  But, as far as keeping my home smelling nice, I'm stumped.  And, let's be honest, with two boys and two dogs to look after, I need some pretty smells in my home sometimes!

Initially, all I was finding on the internet were recommendations to boil stuff.  Pretty much any and everything that smells good that you can boil is recommended.  Cinnamon sticks, apple peels, lavender, lemon, oranges, vanilla beans, nutmeg, etc.  Side note- If you put all those together in a bowl with water and it smells terrible, don't send your husband and his plugged nose to me, I didn't say put them all in together ;)  I think that idea sounds great, however, it also sounds like work to me.  And, after I get everything else done that needs to be done, I don't want to do any more work, I want to just play with little man or spend time with DH.  So I will do you one better than this, no pots to clean, no random fruits to peel, just easy.

I found this site on pinterest the other day, and I was honestly pretty excited to try out this suggestion.  The author of the site suggests taking an old air freshener container, rinsing it out filling it with 1/3 essential oils and 2/3 water.  I already had an old air freshener at home, and I have tons of essential oils laying around the house, so I figured what the heck, for free, I'll try it.  Here is what I used:

I used an old air wick container that was sitting in a basket in my kitchen, just waiting to be tossed, and some of my favorite grapefruit essential oil.  I followed the recipe of 1/3 oil to 2/3 water, some recipes say use distilled water, but I just used regular water and it seemed to work just as well.  

This idea goes down as a win in my book.  It was free, first of all, it smells great, and there are no chemicals or VOC's coming out of your artificial air fresheners.  I am a big fan and will be scouring our house for more old air freshener containers to turn into eco-friendly fresheners.  I loved the grapefruit oil in the kitchen, but could see where something like peppermint oil would be great in a bathroom, or lavender essential oil would be great in a bedroom.  

So is this something you'd be willing to try?  What are some of your favorite essential oils?  Help me branch out here!

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