Sunday, March 4, 2012

Clean Food Challenge- Days 3 & 4

Saturday was far and away the hardest day of the challenge for me so far.  As per usual, Nicole and I are strikingly similar everything we do, and Saturday was my day of not eating well enough due to not enough planning.  

I worked Saturday from 8:30-4:00, which is not atypical for me.  Before I left, I had my normal oatmeal with some additions, and then tried to pack my bag.  The only thing I could find to pack (we desperately needed to go to the grocery) was a banana.  So, at 4:00p, all I had eaten were a banana and a bowl of oatmeal.  Not quite a good start to my day.

When I got home, our friends had asked us over to their house for dinner, and they were ordering a pizza.  This was a hard one for me.  Not only was I starving, but pizza always sounds good to me.  I tried looking up the restaurant's nutritional information, but as it was a large chain, they did not list any actual ingredients.  

I really, really wanted that pizza.

But, I felt like the momentum of what I was doing had to keep me going, so I asked DH to stop by a Subway (because we still had no groceries) on our way there.  I ended up getting a salad, which actually made me happy, that I could stare into the face of my arch nemesis, pizza, and turn my open mouth away into a pile of leafy greens.  

Also, while I was at Subway, I discovered a really great snack that is actually made of only food, no words I can't pronounce:

Yay, Sun Chips!  I am also a super fan of Sun Chips because they taste great and the original version is vegan friendly too, so I can eat something good that isn't always Veggie Sticks for a snack.  That way I don't always have to be this chick :)

So that leads me today, which was fairly uneventful (minus my glorious trip to the container store, where I could have spent hours of my life and multiple months of my pay, but we'll get into my new projects spawning from that trip after the food challenge is over) as we were able to go to the grocery and get some more real food.  I had more oatmeal for breakfast, I know booooring!, a salad for lunch, and then avocado, tomato, beans, lettuce, sour cream and cheese over nacho chips, also on Nicole's recommendation, because I again couldn't find tortillas with nothing on them.

That brings me to my revelation of today.  In my time as a strict vegan, and now after, I ate a LOT of things with random ingredients in them.  I've been looking through my soy/rice/almond etc. products that take the place of my dairy products, and what I'm seeing makes me a little nervous.  They have tons of not-so-much-real foods in them.  To get around eating dairy and meat, I eat a lot of things that are 'fake' products, like fake cheese or fake milk.  I haven't quite decided how I want to move forward from this after the challenge, but it has certainly opened my eyes to the fact that those imitation products I used are not real food.  So the question moving forward is, is it better to avoid dairy with all the nasty hormones and chemicals and poor treatment of the animals, or is it better to eat fake, processed foods that also have chemicals in them as well?  I'm just not sure of the answer to that one yet.

Well, anyway, check out my other ladies completing the challenge and show them some love too!

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  1. I also gave up dairy for a while before I was pregnant, but what I've landed on is trying to use strictly organic dairy products. It's hard to find some things, I definitely pay more, and sometimes I have to go to a few stores, but I feel good about that decision.

    Check out my Day 1 for an awesome rutabaga recipe - I think you could just leave the egg out to make it vegan.


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