Friday, March 2, 2012

Clean Food Challenge- Day 2

Since I only posted yesterday morning, I'll start with a wrap up of my day 1.  I thought it would be a much harder day, for a few reasons.

#1- DH is out of town.  Anyone who has kids knows that it comes to be that time of night where you've fed, bathed, dressed, changed, comforted, and loved your little when you are on your own for parenting, and you just want to shove your face with anything (as my mom says) that is 'fast, cheap, and easy.'

#2 - I spent a little of my day yesterday back at my University, giving a guest lecture to a graduate school class.  Anyone who has been to college knows it is a place of fast food, pizza, and food debauchery in general.

#3- I eat all.the.time.  And eating clean, real foods takes both preparation and self control, which at times, I am far lacking in.  The radio of the amount of food I eat to the amount of self control I have is a little lopsided.

Even, though I think it was a set up to fail, I actually ended up doing really well.  After the lecture, my amazing daycare provider kept little man at her house for a bit extra so that I could go out to eat with two of my lovely SLP friends (who are currently still enrolled in the PhD program).  Thankfully, my girlfriends aren't the type to eat (or take for that matter) crap.  They suggested a Mediterranean place and I happily obliged.  For dinner I had an eggplant and vegetable dish and some hummus.  Loooooove me some hummus.  The dinner I had looked remarkably similar to the one below (recipe here) just without the cheese.

And then they wanted to go get frozen yogurt for dinner.

Dun dun dun.

Then a funny thing happened.  Since I was already so on a roll, I figured, why not get yogurt, but try to make it with real foods instead of junk candy?  This leads me to my first big revelation of the day:

One good choice leads to other good choices.

So, instead of walking over, grabbing the biggest cup ever, and filling it to the brim with likely artificially flavored yogurt and tons of Reese's peanut butter cups, I took a small cup, filled it only half full of their plain original yogurt, and topped it with good things.  I put on coconut, nuts, and strawberries.  

Prior to this experience, I've gotten the exact same thing every time I go to a place like this, so I was quite a bit stunned when I tried something new and actually really liked it!  (Yes, mom, you can say I told you so now about not being so boring and never trying anything new)  I guess this experience has already taught me a lesson in being a little more adventurous in my food choices.

All in all, I consider yesterday a big win.

Now onto today.

Thankfully, because I was in a crazy hurry this morning (DH normally does drop off little man on the two weekdays I work early shifts), I had leftover pumpkin oatmeal from making too much yesterday.  So breakfast was easy.  Lunch was a bit harder, but mainly because I'm picky.  I thankfully work at a hospital that has REALLY great food, and I had my choice of a full salad bar, a wrap/sandwich bar, two different soups, and the main course section which today was fish and veggies. (I'm not going into all the unhealthy foods they have there, because frankly this week I am going to pretend they don't exist... mmmm fried green beans...)  As I said, I'm picky, and since they didn't have hummus at the salad bar, I opted for a full meal of veggie sides from the main course line.  (This is also a really economical way to eat at my workplace, because a full carryout container of asparagus, green beans, carrots, and corn is only between $3-4)

But then in the afternoon I was still hungry, because, as I said, I'm always hungry.  (Before you start harping on me about protein, I'll get to that, I had a ton for dinner!)  I walked across from our offices in the hospital over to the coffee bar, which also has a plethora of snacks.  I was planning on getting either a cup of pineapple or a cup of strawberries, and was slightly frustrated that they didn't have a mixed cup of both (who doesn't like that combination?  really!) when I took a moment and began to drool at the tons of baked goods, cookies, muffins, brownies, etc. also behind the glass.  

However, just then, one of my coworkers walked past and likely saw the drool dripping from my mouth, and made a comment about how she'd report me to my blog followers if I bought the wrong thing.  Hai Stacey if you're creeping the blog tonight :)

Which brings me my next revelation of the day.  If you're going to do something, if you're going to put your mind to something, tell people.  Because, if they care about you, they will help you succeed.  That was just what I needed in that moment to reassure myself, that yes, fruit was a better choice, and a ton of cookies weren't going to keep me focused on my goal of eating better for my health this week.

Dinner was all fine and normal, I had my typical bean fiesta, which I do have a question for you peeps about.  Anyone know of a good, simple, real food tortilla?  I scoured Meijer (can you tell this has become my favorite store?) for each brand and type they sold, found the one with the least offensive ingredients, and purchased that.  But I'm pretty sure there are at least two ingredients in the tortillas I can't pronounce, so that to me makes it not real food.  I eat Mexican food a lot, because beans are a staple in my diet.  Tonight I had black beans with lettuce, tomato, and avocado for dinner, and just like hummus, I am starting to be obsessed with avocado as well.

So far, so good, I think.  

Keep checking in throughout the week, and again, if you feel so inclined, check out some of the other ladies completing the challenge as well!

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