Monday, February 20, 2012

Organizing my grocery List

I've been playing around lately with how we organize our groceries.  Typically I have DH write down a list of what he wants, then I have a list of the weekly dinner recipes, and randomly placed pieces of paper with other items needed.  I decided to get organized and put all the little papers together on this  Weekly Grocery List .  I like the full page sheet because I can just tape a copy on top of my coupon folder for when I'm at the store, and that actually provides a nice little stand for the list.  I can leave the folder with the taped list in the baby seat part of the cart (while my son is happily tugging my hair in the sling!) and that makes it really easy for me to see.  I may fiddle with it a little bit to divide the groceries into sections, but for now this is what I am using.

(For whatever reason, the google docs version of the list is showing up in pink and blue colors, but when you download it, it is all green, just FYI)

1 comment:

  1. Why have I never thought to tape my list to my coupon binder?! What a great idea.


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