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A makeup and product review-

So recently I've been on a quest for natural hair, make up, and body care products.  I've done no-'pooing, I've switched to coconut oil for body lotion, and I have changed a lot of my make up.  But I recently found a make up company that I am in love with, so I thought I'd share.

The site is  The All Natural Face boasts vegan make up with 'no artificial ingredients... just pure and simple ingredients from the earth.'  The site lists all of the ingredients going into each item, and I felt great about finding something more clean for my body while getting a really great deal with their low prices!  I was also very pleasantly surprised that Crystal from The All Natural Face sends SO many samples with your order.  I ordered several trial sizes (which were awesome, the trials were only 35 cents each and lasted me for several weeks for some items!) and she sent me almost three to four times what I ordered in sample packs to try different colors of foundation in the same color families, eye shadows, lip gloss samples, and more!

Here are a few of their products that I tried:

1.  Porcelain Rose Vegan Foundation
This is a mineral foundation and I used my trusty Sephora synthetic make up brushes to apply.  Just as one of the reviewers on the site commented, I was REALLY happy to find a mineral foundation that was not brown or yellow based, and not too light.  The 'rose' aspect of the foundation makes it just slightly pink, which is perfect for my complexion.  I also found that I am now a complete convert to mineral make up.  I used tinted moisturizer for years because I thought my face was too dry for mineral make up.  I do have to moisturize quite a bit, but I find that a layer of coconut oil on my face before bed and then no wash before I apply the mineral make up in the morning keeps me looking great with no flaky dry skin all day.  I have bought additional orders of this product and will continue to, this is now my #1 foundation.

2.  Midas Vegan Concealer
This concealer is reported to 'cover dark circles' and boy does it ever.  Again, I am now SUCH a mineral convert!  I never thought a powder could cover my crazy dark circles (hey, I still have a one year old, I'm entitled!) but it actually does a better job than any previous concealer I've used (including smashbox, covergirl, revlon, physician's formula, almay, or any other brands I've tried) and it really does stay on all day long.  I can be up at 4:30a, work a 10 hour day, play with my kiddo for a few hours, and then after putting him to bed still have good coverage of the then-turned-into-bags under my eyes.

3. Wedding Day Vegan Mineral Glow
I use this over my foundation and blush.  It just gives you a dewy glow, and I am obsessed.

4. Vegan Blush Beautiful Mineral Blush in Cocoa
This blush is the PERFECT color!  It is just a great mix between a bronzer and a blush, not too brown or bronze-ish, but just enough color to imitate a warm look on my really pale face.  I am using up another blush I got for free with a gift card from another site, then I will be completely switching over to this.  I keep having to restrain myself from buying more before I'm done with the other site's blush because I love the cocoa so much!

5. Vegan Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara in All Natural Black
This was the first of their products that I didn't love.  But let me preface, I am a THICK eyelash kind of girl.  I won't leave the house without a full thick set of black lashes and dark eye liner.  I've also told my coworkers before that I want permanent eyeliner tattoo in my living will if I ever become a vegetable :)  Anyway, this mascara took at least three coats to even make it noticeable on my lashes, and my lashes are naturally a light brown color.  By the end of the day, I could barely see it.  I think I am going back to my Physician Formula Organic Wear Mascara.

6.  Vegan Mineral Eyeshadows, Matte, in Fawn & Smokey Purple
I am not a big color on my eyelids type of girl.  If I even wear eye shadow, it is brown, always.  So when Crystal sent me Smokey Purple, I was a little afraid.  But both shades I tried look fantastic, and stayed all day even better.  The fawn was just what I was used to and worked fine, but the Smokey Purple was a nice shade that wasn't near as dark as I thought it was going to be.  I may branch out on my next order and buy one of her wilder colors, because they are much more tame when actually applied.

7. Vegan Natural Gel Eyeliner in Swiss Chocolate and That Black
As I said before, I am an eyeliner girl.  And usually a pretty thick eyeliner girl.  This stuff, while it smelled great and didn't bother me at all when I actually poked myself in the eye with the brush, is not for me.  It consistently left raccoon lines on my upper eyelids as the day went on, and by the end of the day I had almost none left where I had applied it.  I think I will pass on this one and keep searching for a natural eye liner.

8. Clear Lip Gloss
LOVE!  This lip gloss is smooth, not sticky at all, and lasts forever.  I applied it before I went to bed one night and woke up with really smooth, soft lips, when the previous day they had been dry and flaky.  I will be ordering more of these, one for my car, one for work, one for the diaper bag, etc.

9. Vegan Perfume Oil in Sweet Citrus
I've been looking for a while now to add some sort of fragrance back in to my routine, but had completely sworn of colognes.  This perfume oil is made of natural, good stuff, and smells sweet.  I am now wearing this every day.

10.  Strawberries & Cream Face Food Fruit Facial Wash
This item came as another free sample from Crystal.  And it was amazing!  Maybe it was just because of my already growing obsession with coconut oil, but this product is two items mixed: dried strawberries and coconut oil, and I am loving it.  It is really nice smelling, and easy to mix with water to make a paste.  After washing and rinsing with this product, my face smelled wonderful and felt even better.  As someone with very dry skin, I am always looking for face washes that don't have harsh ingredient that dry me out.  This face wash actually left my skin feeling moisturized and soft.

So, there are my reviews of their products so far.  Overall, I give the company an A+, for several of their stand out items (like the Midas concealer) are so good that they far outweigh the bad.  And really, at $5.75 per eye liner stick that I didn't like, at those prices, and with the many options for free or very cheap samples, I'm not terribly disappointed that some of the products didn't work out.  If you are looking for some great, healthy make up and body products, check out

(Disclaimer- I was not compensated for, nor prompted to complete this review from theallnaturalface)

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