Monday, February 20, 2012

Green Smoothies

I've been looking into doing smoothies for some time now for the kiddo, and let's be honest, I could use some good nutrients every so often too.  So, today I went a little crazy at the grocery store. 

 (*Side note, Dear Meijer, thank you for being so good to me and really branching out in your organics department.  I was able to find your brand of organic frozen fruit, in addition to your new knock off 7th generation line of cleaning products, which I was so excited about that I promptly spilled the dish soap all over the floor once I got home)

Anyway, I bought a ton of good stuff to put in the smoothies, including:
- frozen strawberries
- frozen blueberries
- frozen peaches
- frozen raspberries
- frozen spinach
- frozen mixed veggies (peas, carrots, and corn)
- frozen cauliflower (on the recommendation of a few online recipes I saw)
- kale
- bananas
- almond milk

I am not a cook, not by any means, so my previous tries at making things have not been greatly successful, however, I was pretty intrigued by how easy this could be, I mean you can't screw up a blender, right?  (Dear coworker bestie- if you are reading this I recommend that you pretend you don't remember how I lit the laminator on fire, just move on and pretend I can work a blender)  I didn't put in exact amounts per se, but more like a little of this and a little of that.  I know I did put in one banana, and probably a fourth to a half of a cup of all of the other ingredients.  I added probably 2-3 cups of almond milk and then a little more water to make it more runny, so that the kiddo would be able to get it out of his straw cup.

*Before you look at the amazingness that is below, please note that my kiddo drank half a glass of this before I could even snap a picture, I had to pry it out of his little hands to get a picture before he guzzled the whole thing, success!

I stored it in these Ball Jar Freezer Containers, which were really nice.  They are freezer safe, obviously, and are BPA free, which is important to me since my little guy will be drinking these.  The green cap containers are the perfect size to set out for the next day, and would be a good container size for me or DH to take with to work.  The blue size would fit a bunch of the little cup sizes, but that container got all I had left.  The nice thing about the containers it that they lock together, so the two sets that are standing atop the others below, are hooked together, so you won't create an avalanche of smoothies when you're trying to grab something else out of the freezer.

I read on Dr. Google that because there are bananas in these, they can go bad very quickly, like 1-2 days.  So, I stocked up on the freezer containers as I read you can keep them frozen for a week or even a few weeks at a time.  My guess is that we'll go through these a lot quicker than a few weeks.  But one batch did make about 7-8 of these containers.  I'll sneak in the veggies any way I can, and this technique was REALLY easy and tasted pretty good to me!

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