Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Clean Food Challenge

We here in the United States eat a LOT of junk.  And by junk, I'm not just talking about fast food and junk food.  I'm talking about the foods we prepare for our family dinners, the snacks we eat to tide us over, the 'comfort foods' we love.  After reading a post from a fellow blogger and friend (Janice over @ about clean eating and talking to a few friends who are in weight loss journeys currently, I am posting a challenge.  Some of you may do this already, so you've got an easy job, keep doing what you're doing!  Some of you will find this challenge more difficult.  

Eat REAL food.  

That's right.  That's it.  For one week, I challenge you not to put anything in your mouth or in your tummy that has an ingredient that you don't recognize.  Now, you don't have to eat only raw foods or fresh foods.  It doesn't matter if the foods have some processing or not, so long as they are real foods.  Read the labels, only eat things that are real foods, and then either blog on it your blogs, or come here and comment on my daily posts to track how you are doing.  If you do blog, go ahead and add in the comments that you'd like to join, and I will post a roll call of all the blogs that are involved with links so that we can all read each other's posts off of this site.  Link it to your friends, your family, invite them to join too if you'd like.

It seems like a simple concept, right?  

Do you think you can do it?

Then join us, starting Thursday, March 1st, so get your fridges and your pantries ready!
This should be interesting!


  1. I want to but I kind of doubt my ability to do it! I try to limit us to real foods all the time anyway, but not eating anything but real seems nearly impossible. I'll try. :)


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